PALGN: Speed Racer Review - Go Speed, Go

PALGN writes: "Speed Racer is the game tie in to the film which was released only recently in cinemas. The movie is based on the old Japanese anime and was written and directed by Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski, who are best known for their work on The Matrix films. While the reviews of the film weren't overly scathing, the film appears to have been a financial flop, reportedly costing $120 million while bringing in under $20 million in its first week at the box office. This brings us to the Speed Racer game, which was developed by New Zealand developer Sidhe Interactive, so is the game a worthy pickup or a whole lot of colour without any substance?

The Speed Racer film is all about about fast cars and bright colours and the Speed Racer game has the same focus. The best way to describe Speed Racer is F-Zero mixed with Tekken. The vehicles you take control of (the T-180's) are fast, they can go in excess of 500KM/H and Sidhe Interactive has done a brilliant job in giving the player a great sense of speed. You'll fly round corners, and see the crowds whirl past you at an incredible pace. The game also supports the Wii Wheel and the controls are fantastic, driving a T-180 at over 500KM an hour through tracks that twist and turn could have been an absolute nightmare, but the developers have done a brilliant job in perfecting the driving controls. The game is remarkably simple to pick up and we didn't really realise just how fast the gameplay was until we tried (very unsuccessfully) to return to Mario Kart."

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