Metroid and Mega Man Have a Love Child in VIRUS

Julie Morley writes: "Along the way, Yara gathers extra weaponry, skills, and experience points. Players will be able to upgrade many of Yara's abilities, weapons, and armor as a result. But, similarly to the games that inspired VIRUS, the gameplay is not linear. Players will revisit previous locations to obtain additional abilities or learn more secrets about the world of VIRUS."

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Zero-One1479d ago

From rule 34 Super Smash Bros?

Vanfernal1479d ago

I see straight up Megaman X1... Not sure where the Metroid part comes in...

TuxedoMoon1479d ago

Maybe it's just me, but the main character's motions are WAY too close to the Megaman Zero sprites.
You can check it out for yourself and be the judge. (

JV1478d ago

I definitely see what you mean

TuxedoMoon1478d ago

The link was messed up.

The character designs are ugly, Deviant art Sonic "original" characters ugly. I know they want to make a megaman game, but they shouldn't have made it so obvious. The main character looks like a knock off female megaman X especially because of the big blue boots and gloves. Also the creator/2nd playable character looks like Asimov from Gunvolt.

If this was a parody of Megaman, then I guess it would be okay? They can make fun of the tropes, maybe? Based on what I've seen, I can't support this project. Even if it was all made from the ground up, I don't think I'd support it. Too many red flags.

ChickeyCantor1478d ago

Did you miss the level design? It's a 1:1 art ripoff

sjaakiejj1478d ago

The stretch goals seem a bit smelly... $10,000 extra funding and they create a new character? There's no way it takes that much cash to do that for a game like this.