Alien: Isolation Releases Final #HowWillYouSurvive Video

It appears Alien: Isolation developers have made their last hype video, this time showing the propensity to be trapped between a rock and a hard place … and by that I mean an Alien and someone engulfed in flames who wants to kill you. Watch:

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Septic1502d ago

My underwear collection is ready

camel_toad1502d ago

Im really excited but at the same time very worried its going to be a big letdown. Everything Ive seen looks awesome but the curse of Aliens games terrfies me more than the xenomorphs themselves. I sure hope it turns out great though.

Allsystemgamer1502d ago

Good thig it's an ALIEN game and not an ALIENS game ;)

Septic1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Don't worry about it mate. I had the exact same reservations before I played it. All my doubts have been washed away.

Check out the preview me and my mates did if you want. I'm General Gaz lol:

camel_toad1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )


I was using the plural of Alien. ;) Even though yes this is the first "Alien" game.


Thats comforting to hear at least. Ill check that out.

Stsonic1502d ago

Mine dispatched will be here tomorrow :D

DaleCooper1502d ago

This series of videos has been some of the worst clips I've seen for an upcoming game. I think the game looks good, but they are doing a disservice to it with these short, look how I lost, clips.

So the xenomorph runs through the flamethrower, which sounds cool but it just looked clumsy, not fun.

opoikl1502d ago

This doesn't sound like anything Dale Cooper would say.. He's usual very excited for quality.

DaleCooper1501d ago

LOL you got me there!

I'm just saying, even though the game looks like fun, these video clips are pretty poorly done.