PS Plus Subscription Fees Rising In Select Regions

Sony is raising the cost of a PS Plus subscription in select regions including South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and India.

Multiple IGN readers tipped us off to the move, which Sony has since confirmed, citing "market conditions" while promising "currently, price adjustments are not being planned for PS Plus in the SCEA [North American] region." We've reached out to the company to determine if we should expect similar hikes in the UK or anywhere else in Europe and will update when we know more.

Particularly worrying is the fact that South African subscribers were given just 24 hours notice of the change, after which the cost of a three-month subscription jumped 51 percent from R145 to R219 ($12.88 to $19.46), with a year-long subscription rising 53 percent from R489 to R749 ($43.45 to $66.55). Hopefully more notice will be given should a similar move happen elsewhere.

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buyakabuyaka61991476d ago

If you are increasing fees then please make PSN better sony.

donthate1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I think it is pretty messed up to raise the subscription fee and only give 24-hour notice. The shocker, the price was raised 51%! 0_o

I guess Sony is for the players, cause you just got played!!!

To think that I spoke for the price hike here:

XBLSkull1476d ago

Gotta raise costs if they have any hope of stabilizing that network.

Torque_CS_Lewith1476d ago

Correction, 53% hike and 5 hours notice.
Also those that were blaming SA online tax (14% mind you) have at this.

Webbyy1476d ago

I completely agree. Increasing prices and giving notice 24 hrs before.?

That's crazy Sony. Very unprofessional.

ramiuk11476d ago

emd of day they have raised a year to £39.99 which is the same price as europes RRP.

nowhere except sony on psn sells it for full price.
i just paid £23 for a year.

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SniperControl1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Sony are just raising the prices to match the rest of the world.

It's £40 for 12 months here in the UK, R749 converts to £41.20 GBP

Fanboys like to make mountains out of molehills.

WitWolfy1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I'm sure R250 extra month is nothing to you, but for others it might be an insane amount of money to fork out.

Edit: its extra for that month, I'm not saying im one of those guys. But it is a high price dude. Remember in 3rd world countries R250 is quite a bit of cash to chuckle out.

SniperControl1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )


But it's not a month, it's R250 extra for a year.

Thats like R21 extra a month, £1.11 a month extra.

Edit: Why should i have to pay £40 a year and some gamer in SA only pays half that amount for the same service, i might as well go and sign to a SA and get the same benefits for half the price.

"Remember in 3rd world countries R250 is quite a bit of cash to chuckle out"

Then why the hell would you spend R5,899 on a PS4?

lelo2play1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

It's for the gamers. /s

Simply put, if you only have a ps4, ps+ is not worth it.

kayoss1476d ago

I hope this increase will also some how involve PSNow. Im willing to pay an extra $20 if i can get unlimited access to PSnow with my PS plus subscription.

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DualWielding1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

anyone not in the U.S, please just make a U.S. account, psn cash cards can be bought online at no surcharge, prices on U.S. PSN are significantly cheaper than everywhere else... If you pay European/Asian prices you are being ripped off

elnacho1476d ago

100% agreed, and this is discussed at length with comparative data here:

Dudebro901476d ago

People shouldn't have to do that

DualWielding1476d ago

they shouldn't, but as long as Sony wants to keep saving face with local retailers that's the best people can do

ramiuk11476d ago

i think u find there is 20% tax added on in uk and in europe there is also tax etc thanks to brussels.

AceBlazer131476d ago

Can't say I didn't see it coming. Makes sense from a business standpoint but still a dick move as far as consumers are concerned Sony.

Septic1476d ago

Why does it make sense from a business standpoint to increase the fees in those regions?

Torque_CS_Lewith1476d ago

They believe they have a near monopoly in those regions.

It is more advisable to test out price hikes in smaller markets than in the bigger and more influential markets.

The rest of the world won't care for too long.

That's all I got but as you can see, makes sense businesswise.
D*** move however, especially the short notice period and the mega hike which they had the gall to refer to as slight

Septic1476d ago

Ah okay. Makes sense actually. Cheers for the answer :)

HaveSumNuts1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Geeez this is like the 5th article about the same thing. I actually live in SA most of the people commenting or doing the articles about this don't live here and aren't affected by the increase at all. I'll bitch about it sure but it pisses me off when people wana make it a big deal for them when they aren't even the ones affected by this shit.

RosweeSon1476d ago

Not only that but they are actually raising to prices to what every other country is paying, there wasn't this big a fuss when those countries were getting ps+ cheaper than we were.

jrshankill1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

It kind of does effect everyone..

1. Possibility of less people paying more money for the service = Less players online.

2. Who is to say it won't hike up in other regions? While this hike might be to get these regions in-line with costs in other regions, who is to say we won't get a 24 hour notice at any point in our PSN subscription lifespan?

3. People like to follow and comment on business decisions, it's the internet brah.

Really though, this does suck. Only 24 hour notice and a 51% jump in price is pretty abysmal. I understand the price hike somewhat matches all other regions, but it is still a dick move to announce it out of nowhere and expect people to pay.

Lets say I pay £40 for PSN here in the UK. If Sony told me I had to now pay £60 and only give me 24 hours notice, I wouldn't pay for it. Their conduct here is questionable.

RosweeSon1476d ago

But it's never gonna go up to £60 in the UK when xbox live is £40 for a year its all swings and roundabouts but they are a business and do have to compete with the competition but they are only putting the price up to a standard around the world so these countries affected yeah kinda sucks but they were getting a good deal good while it lasted now they have to pay what everyone else is already paying, I'd happily pay another £5/10 a year owning all 3 of their consoles it gives me a lot of free games decent ones to well they used to be but £60 a year no chance and as I said it'll never happen when xbox live are charging £40 a year.

jrshankill1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )


I was speaking hypothetically, I never said they were going to hike prices up in other regions. I said I wouldn't pay for it though if it ever did, especially with Xbox Live subscriptions being so cheap in the UK with

The kicker is the lack of notice which Sony presented to these regions.

NegativeCreep4271476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

With how well Sony is doing, there are a lot of bottom-feeding Xbox fanboys out there that just simply take whatever they can get and run a million miles with it.

Example: Sony is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED. This sectionized price increase Negates Everything Sony has ever done! I guess they aren't for the players! Lolz lolz. My day has meaning now yay!!!

Torque_CS_Lewith1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Well as you can see, it's more than just South Africa now. Russia, India, Ukraine and Turkey are also getting hikes.
Also, Does one need to be South African to have an opinion on what is looking to be a very douchebag move? PS, I am from Pretoria South Africa.

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