Destiny's Patch 1.0.2 Doesn't Nerf New Loot Cave; Legendary Engram Farming Continues

Yesterday Bungie released patch 1.0.2 for Destiny, sensibly improving the loot system by removing or mitigating some of the most annoying random elements.

Most actually expected the developer to ruthlessly nerf the second “loot cave” (which is actually a “loot doorway”), like they did with the first, legendary one, especially considering that with the new engram rules farming becomes even more profitable.

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jackanderson19851478d ago

was anyone actually expecting it? didn't the list the caves they were nerfing last time so why would it be different?

thekhurg1478d ago

It's more profitable to run lvl 24 strikes now anyway, which is why they most likely don't care about new farming spots.

WildArmed1478d ago

Is this true? If so, I'll take your word for it and run some later tonight

thekhurg1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )


You are guaranteed to get blue engrams at the end of each level 24 strike you complete now, and you also have the chance of them being upgraded to legendary engrams. Plus the engrams that drop from the enemies during the strike. Assuming you have a good group, you can farm engrams much faster in strikes, and also not have to deal with people interrupting your “loot door” farming by standing close to it.

I ran strikes for about 3 hours straight last night and leveled up the cryptarch twice as a result of the engrams I got. I never got those kinds of results at the old loot cave.

But mileage will always vary because everyone experiences different levels of luck on loot.

--Onilink--1478d ago

the farming spots will probably be fixed by hot fixes, not necessarily patches. So there is still very much a chance they will get nerfed. Not that it should matter since they increased rewards for other activities

ThatOneGuyThere1478d ago

yep. did the 24 strike twice last night and got tons of blues to turn in to the cryptarch. wayyyy better than i ever did with the old loot cave. (i only used the loot cave to level up my alt character)

kparks1478d ago

True i did vanguard tiger for the first time in a while and had about 10 rare after 3 strikes kinda a slap in the face for the early adopters it was literally a pain in the ass now it seems to easy and with the queens list thats easy legendary armor.. Now if they just start handing out ascendant schards like they doing with everything else i can keep leveling up all ive been doing is helping low level 20s because there is nothing else i can do.

TheSaint1477d ago

I saw someone get an exotic from a Tiger Strike last night.

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WhiteScythe1478d ago

Im glad they patched in the new looting system to make it better. what they need to do now is make it so that the better you do in the crucible is correlated with what level of loot you get.

mediate-this1478d ago

I agree bud. Crucible should have better rewards. Lots of times I'm top of my team and I don't get a reward


Haha losers still trying to exploit games... I can't wait until AI gets to at least near human level intelligence... I truly hate these no life nerds

xActionBasturdx1478d ago

Well...iThat escalated quickly

1nsomniac1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I agree with you Sinister. If your not grown up enough to play the game properly without cheating then that's fine but don't then act as if it's not cheating because that just makes you look retarded aswell as just stupid.


Thanks I'm glad there's a few like minded people that have the "old school" mentality... These people now a days just have to ruin games because they have no self control... If these people actually play how the devs intended they'd actually get more fun/skill from the game.

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