Resident Evil Virus Reaches 100%

Capcom have announced that the goal to spread the Resident Evil T-Virus throughout Raccoon City has been a success, hitting 100% today.

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on_line_forever1478d ago

i don't care .

stupid crapcom

1noobgamer1478d ago

Surely everyone loves a bit of Resident Evil... or am I the only one?

jrshankill1478d ago

You are not the only one. Love me some Resident Evil too. I'll admit, the older games were miles better.. but I still dig the canon.

cfc781478d ago

I love Resi I just dont appreciate what Capcom have turned the series into these days theres just no survival element to the games anymore theyre way to easy and have lost the amazing replayabillity they once had in the earlyer titles,im just praying the remaster delivers on what I think to be one of the best survival/horror games ever made.

jrshankill1478d ago


Trust me, if you never played the REmake on Gamecube, you are in for a real treat.

cfc781478d ago


I played them all bro one of the best games ever for me was the GC remake I hope were all in for a treat with the remaster.

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Iltapalanyymi1478d ago

im really hyped for this. decided to replay the original ps1 version too, before this comes out.

aerisbueller1478d ago

It's a shame that the only way I trust Capcom to make a good Resident Evil anymore is to remake an old one, but I'll take it however I can get it.

N81478d ago

Yea that pretty much sums it up .

Fkhalf161478d ago

well Capcom have lost a lot of the masterminds behind nearly every AAA franchise they have. Shinji Mikami was the mastermind behind Resident Evil and since he left after RE4, its been downhill.