Assassin’s Creed Unity - New Cutscene Video Shows In-Game Visuals

YouTube’s ‘UbiCentral’ has shared a new in-game cutscene from Assassin’s Creed: Unity, showcasing the visuals that this latest AC will pack.

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Fizzler1479d ago

Arno and Shay having a sword fight!

Xsilver1479d ago

it lasted two whole Months :D

conjurdevil1479d ago

Tired of assassins creed, they lost me at AC3.

Secretariat1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Hey everyone! It's pointless comment day!

Dudebro901479d ago

Then why take the time to comment?

starchild1479d ago

Yes, I always spend time going to articles about games I don't like. It makes the most sense.

FullmetalRoyale1479d ago

Why is there no chest hair? If they are going to have all of the guys showing their breasts, at least have some Hasselhoff style chest hair!

Rick_Ross_Boss1479d ago

I love the assassins creed series, didn't like ac3 though but ac4 was fan-dabby-doo-see.

FullmetalRoyale1479d ago

Well sepatown, my daimee! Wah-da-tah.

Black Flag was fantastic. Shadow of Mordor took its place as the most pure fun I've had on my current generation console. Dat naval!

smolinsk1478d ago

Tired of the big city's in AC games, so damn boring. The wildlife in AC 3 and AC 4 was great, the Rouge game for ps3 and xbox looks fun. Unity is gonna flop because it's only city.

robavila951478d ago

I think they're taking the franchise back to its roots by implementing a massive urban environment, not to mention the rich historical context. Assassin's Creed is supposed to be a stealth game set in important times in history. Running around in fields or sailing in the seas isn't exactly stealthy, so I welcome the changes that are being made in Unity. Of course, this is my opinion and you are certainly entitled to yours, but to say that this game will flop because of its setting is too bold of a statement. I for one will enjoy the heck out of this game, since I went to Paris for the first time some months ago. I'm sure it will please plenty of AC fans as well. Give it a shot, who knows? You might end up liking it :)

smolinsk1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Yes that may be they're taking it back to its roots, but games now a days can be on a much lager scale, so why not a little of it all, City, Wildlife/nature and so on. AC first rally took off With AC 3 and 4, a lot more fun, maybe thy forgot about the Stealth stuf and made it to easy in AC 3 and AC 4 but i see a middleway here, but with this AC Unity they missed that opportunity and took a step back and they will see that sales wise i am sure.

GTA 4, Watch Dogs was boring because of just City and noting els. i Played AC 1 and 2, strange world that fooled you to think the world was bigger, hatet that. They did the wildlife and nature so beautiful in AC 3 and 4, hope they come back to that very soon.

Psychotica1478d ago

I feel just the opposite, I prefer the big city locations..

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