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Digital Chumps: "Trap Team is a long game with tons of content to explore that could easily last weeks or longer. Yes, $75 is a lot for a videogame, but as a value proposition it is a pretty good deal since you get a portal, two toys, two traps, and what may be the most polished game for children ever made."

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ThatOneGuyThere1479d ago

i find it impossible to believe that this game is better than destiny.

thezeldadoth1479d ago

I've had way more fun with skylanders than destiny

Dunban671479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

The fact existing Skylanders don t open any of the elemental areas ( you have to buy 8 Trap Masters at $16 each to open all the areas -no matter how many Skylanders u have from previous additions) and are not really balanced to fit well in this version is disappointing - then, if I understand correct you have to buy the traps for each individual villan if u want to catch them all (40 something I think).

The previous versions I felt incorporated your existing collection pretty well were it sounds like this version does not- It sounds like they are pushing much harder for significant additional spend just to have access to the whole game were as the old versions did require some additional spend, most was optional

I was planing on buying this version for my Son like I have the previous 3 but I don t think I will- at least not until it is greatly discounted

FYI. I thought Swap force was the best version