Special edition Skylanders coming for Valentine's Day and Easter

Activision today announced the release of new Limited Edition Skylanders figures for Skylanders Trap Team for both Valentine's Day and Easter.

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Looking Back to October 2014 and the magic of Skylanders Trap Team

Paul writes: "Ah Activision, purveyors of fine video games for the discerning consumer. Or, if you have a small child obsessed with Skylanders, purveyors of small shiny plastic figures that empty a parent’s wallet faster than a cocaine habit."

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Top 10 PS4 Games for Kids

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Toys-to-Life Are Gaming's Hottest-Selling Accessory of 2015

IGN - Toys-to-life Skylanders Trap Team, Disney Infinity, and Nintendo Amiibo comprise the best-selling gaming accessory of 2015 so far.