The impact gaming can have

Gaming can be a great way to help teenagers and adults alike to cope when times get tough, writes Siobhan Keogh.

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LightDiego1478d ago

Great article, games helped a lot me too during my life, specially in recent years. Year ago, i discovered that i have a rare condition and it made me depressed, i stopped doing many activities that i practiced before. Videogames helped me a lot, bringing me happines in extremely difficult times.
Now i'm doing a treatment with stem cells, and i'm starting to feel better after all these years. For sure i will never stop playing games.
ps: English is not my first language, sorry for any mistakes.

Godmars2901478d ago

The impact a game can have, when it has a significant story interwoven into it.

Something which hasn't been true of games for some time. I don't even think games like ME have "good" story, it was just hyped/promoted right.