The PS4 games that haven’t been announced

PS4 Attitude: "Between Driveclub, Bloodborne, The Order: 1886, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and many other titles, gamers have a lot to look forward to on PS4 over the next year. But what about beyond that? Sony is still keeping many cards up its sleeve, as there are plenty of games we know the company is working on, even if we don’t know exactly what they are. So, let’s take a look at the PS4 games that could be revealed in the near future."

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98xpresent1476d ago

Sony Santa monica . And a couple more

staticdash221476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I still think it's too soon. Cory Barlog has only been back there for a year, and he's leading the new game. I think 2016 is the earliest we can expect something from them. Considering the GOW3 team was working on a new IP that got cancelled and half the staff let go. The Ascension team is now the main team, with the extrenal dev group helping on the order 1886 and various indie games.

Next year will probably be Guerrilla Games new IP (Horizon), Media Molecule and also Sony Bend (open world horror game?)

2016: Polyphony Digital(GT7?), Santa Monica, and Sony London? (rumors are a reboot of the Getaway)

2017: GG Cambridge (Killzone 4?) Quantic Dream new IP, Evolution Studio(Driveclub 2?) Sucker Punch (new IP or another infamous game)

Hopefully we get reveal like this in order.

ABizzel11476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )


I don't think that's the case. I think most of those games will be releasing 2015 / 2016. This is a transitional generation, so games aren't going to take tons and tons of time to get made.

I'd say

From Software (Bloodbourne)
Ready at Dawn (The Order)
Sony Japan (Deep Down)
Naughty Dog (Uncharted 4)
Polyphony (GT7 Prologue / GT Trails)
Sony Bend (Horror game)
????? (Ratchet and Clank, movie tie in)
Sony San Diego (MLB 15)
Plus all the other exclusives they've already announced

Sony Japan (The Last Guardian, it has to happen sooner than later)
GG (Horizon, early 2016)
Sony Santa Monica (New IP)
Media Molecule (New IP)
Quantic Dream (New IP)
Sony London (IP)
Evolution (DriveClub 2)
????? (Sly Cooper, movie tie in)
Sony San Diego (MLB 16)
Whatever other exclusives come

GG Cambridge (Killzone 5)
Sucker Punch (New IP)
Naught Dog (New IP)
Ready at Dawn (The Order 2, co-op XD)
Polyphony (Gran Turismo 7)
Sony San Diego (MLB 17)
????? (Jak, we have a Ratchet and Sly movie, might as well do Jak)

This is going to be an incredible gen.

I hope most of all 2019 is their 25th anniversary, and I'm praying it's a year of classics and we get nothing but sequels and remakes.

Legend of Dragoon, Syphon Filter, Warhawk, Okami, Heavenly Sword, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us 2, and more.

UltraNova1476d ago

I think its sad that Resistance is totally forgotten... I'm not sure who owns the IP (Sony or Insomniac) but Insomniac looks like staying focused on Xbox for the long haul even with Ratchet and Clank in the works. Personally I would love to see a next-gen totally rebooted Resistance game!

breakpad1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

i really hope NOT another lame God OF WAR game .. during the Ps3's life Kratos ,one of the lamest characters out there, became unofficial mascot for Sony ..this should stop ..Sony give some money and buy back exclusive Crash bandicoot or Mon HUn from Capcom -Vita is thirsty for it

98xpresent1476d ago

Sorry bro but lame and God of war don't go together

breakpad1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

man ..PS owners should really detach from this uninspired series and from Kratos (who is completely irrelevant for a greek myhtology game- red stripes on face is like retarded kelt)...from a technical standpoint Gow is excellent i cant disagree to that (graphics , production etcetc)but all the other elements (story , art, gameplay) are a fail

pwnsause_returns1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

GoW 3 was one of the very reasons why people bought a PS3.... uninspired or not, its a big franchise and people still love it even though Ascension was somewhat of a letdown.

jmac531476d ago

As great as the God of War series has been, they need to move on to a new IP. There is only so much Greek mythology I can take. At least move the story to another culture such as Norse or Celtic.

gobluesamg1476d ago one seems to agree with you. That's strange.

SoapShoes1476d ago

God of War for PS3 only had two games. They did collections of old games but out of 8 years only two games made for the system specifically...

guyman1476d ago Show
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Mega241476d ago

I would like more adventure games, or some action adventure. Maybe Bethesda can announce Fallout 4 already!

Ryan7411476d ago

I'd like another Indie, keep it simple and let clever narrative take you on an undiscovered journey.

S2Killinit1476d ago

it wouldn't be an indie if its made by Santa Monica Studios. They are not an "indie" developer. Indie does not mean low budget as some people erroneously assume. Indie means independent. it means the game is not published by a major publisher.

hkgamer1476d ago

anyone know how many teams sony have? well competent teams that has released a game within the last 5 years anyway.

f50liv_imposter11476d ago

more than nintendo and microsoft

BitbyDeath1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Hard to say exactly if you go by the Wiki they state 18 first party studios.

But this does not take into account studios with multiple teams -

Japan has at least 8 teams
Naughty Dog have two
Santa Monica have at least 4 possibly more
London Studio have at least 4 possibly more
XDev I have no idea but could be as high as Japan.

So minimum first party count would be around 34 (excluding multiple XDEV teams).

And then you have 2nd party like Quantic Dream, the guys who are remaking Shadow of the Beast etc etc.
Which could push it well into the 40's or even 50's depending on how many teams XDEV have.

hkgamer1476d ago

thanks, thats very informative.

minimum 34 teams, should we expect atleast 34 games being made by sony right now then?

always wanted to know how many teams sony has in japan. i think they need to start giving each team more credit.

i wonder why i got so many disagrees with my question.

@f50liv_imposter above post

very informative, i ask about sony teams and you state the fking obvious and give me a non answer. thank you very muc.

BitbyDeath1476d ago

Yes but not all for PS4, Sony Japan for example have/had 3 games on the go for Vita this year.

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