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A dance in your heart, in your home...and on your TV.
Dance Central Spotlight

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2cents1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

$9.99 for the admission price isn't half bad. The fitness aspect seems pretty cool aswell.

Each song has 8 different routines! That's pretty impressive, Do the Carlton! lol.

I cant stand dancing games though, so that is $9.99 I get to keep :)

Edit: Also has anyone else noticed how since Phil took the reigns, all the originally touted Kinect games have been getting little to no press. I was totally caught off guard when D4 launched, actually didn't find out till a few day after it launched. I've heard hardly any buzz about this game and Fantasia has had hardly any attention either. Hmmmm... Maybe they are focusing on their new secret gadget, the AR/VR headset thingy. Even though I'm looking forward to what they come up with, I still would like some focus to remain on Kinect (please don't shoot me).

mcstorm1480d ago

I agree about the Kinect side has really taken a back seat but I think this is part due to get the so called core back on the xbox system as all the updates coming to the xbox one have been aimed at this sku.

I really like what Kinect dose on the xbox one though as it gets used for more or less everything in my front room now Gaming, Xbox Music, Now TV, BT-TV, DLNA from my server the only thing that is missing and I really want the app ASAP now is NHL GameCentre.

I do think come next year when everything has settled down and maybe even a price cut we will see MS push the xbox one with Kinect again and see more games come out for it too.

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