10 Video Games You Had To Hide From Your Parents

WC: It’s fun to look back at the times some of gaming’s most ridiculous titles and moments caught us completely off guard. Whether that be through overall tonality or certain scenes, we’ve all been sat – controller clenched tightly as our parents wandered in unawares – as the preceding mass slaughter gets tucked away behind a perfect prod of the pause button.

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qwerty6761570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

never saw the appeal of "sex appeal games" with things like dead or alive

theres much easier and better ways online to get your fix of provocative women.

NovusTerminus1570d ago

Well, Dead or Alive is just an amazing fighting game. as for the XBV and over sexual side of it, yeah those are stupid.

Concertoine1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

The volleyball game is actually really fun. Once you get over the oversized boobs you see theres actually a really developed, intense game there. Its like the Virtua Tennis of volleyball games.

This is coming from a girl too btw. I used to scoff at it but when you play it with some friends you see its more than meets the eye.

Magicite1569d ago

''10 Video Games You Had To Hide From Your Kids''

Paprika1570d ago

The next yakuza game has some scenes that will be ones to hide from.... anybody lol. Especially girlfriends and parents!

ab5olut10n1570d ago

And I bet they're on 10 separate pages. I swear, pozzle must work for these clowns.

NBT911570d ago

Nope. Eleven separate pages. First one is an introduction.

turab1569d ago

They want your clicks man be careful.

Summons751570d ago

Weirdly 8 of those you need parents to buy for you because their rated M...

That's assuming you still live with your parents because your a kid and are still immature and feel the need to hide things from your parents.

SegaGamer1569d ago

Exactly, i don't see why they would need to hide them if their parents had already bought the games for them.

mydyingparadiselost1570d ago

My grandparents used to take me to the arcade, but they would never let me play Mortal Kombat. I got to play the SNES version but never the arcade one with all the gore, not even the Genesis version with the blood code. Then one weekend my cool Uncle that didn't care took me instead... I'll never forget using Kano and Sub Zeros fatalities on that beautiful arcade cabinet...

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The story is too old to be commented.