Forza Horizon 2's Visuals Blow Away Other Titles

Kevin of GoodGameBro writes, "My jaw dropped after viewing this screenshot thread of Forza Horizon 2. The series has been known to produce great graphics, but Forza Horizon 2 is taking it to another level on Xbox One.

After viewing the screenshots, I had to see what I could capture in the game. Here are my best screenshots of Forza Horizon 2 while cruising around Europe."

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MarquiseGT1569d ago

Have you seen Drive Club or nah?

Enemy1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Pretty sure they meant other titles on Xbox. Forza Horizon 2 wasn't aiming for realism though, apparently. The colors are unnatural and over-saturated, which I guess is the art style they were going for.

This is Driveclub:

Driveclub is the closest any game has gotten to photorealism. The games aren't comparable.

KiwiViper851569d ago

"Forza Horizon 2‘s visuals blow away other titles on the market. However, will that still hold true when Project CARS, DRIVECLUB and The Crew release later this year?"

Ultra1568d ago


I hope you're not pretending harder because there's saturation control in all consumer TVs ever since early 70s.

More like your confidence was over-saturated.

SonofGod1568d ago

And it's open world vs closed circuit, so it's kinda unfair.

Open world = more to render

user3672721568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

That is like comparing Uncharted 3 to is closed circuit or in Uncharted case, linear scripted, vs Open World. Having said that ...Forza Horizon 2 does look amazingly good for an open world game that has no dip in framerate even with so much Going on including dynamic weather added to the Cpu and gpu calculation. Truly a remarkable feat. Driveclub looks great and looked better because of the closed circuit gameplay but as title like Lair, Ryse and other great looking games is only part of the sum of a great game. In content, gameplay, and fun alone..I don't think any racers..including Driveclub can touch forza Horizon 2.

mikeslemonade1568d ago

I noticed some noticeable draw distance issues. I was driving in the fields and it looked flat and all of a sudden a hill popped in 500 meters away.

ABizzel11568d ago

I knew this was going to be a flame war just by reading the title, and this is why so many of you are called trolls and fanboys.

As the article says FH2 looks great, but will it be the best looking racer come year's end,NO.

Does it really kill you fanboys to say Drive Club looks better graphically. It doesn't matter if it's a circuit racer or not. That's the style and decision they decided to go with. Playground could have done the exact same thing, but they went with open world.

On consoles DC is the graphically superior game, and with a powerful enough PC Project Cars should be every bit as impressive visually if not better than drive club.

You can prefer FH2 art style, and you can still enjoy FH2, but stop being fanboys for once in your pathetic lives and give congratulations when it's due, and that goes for both sides.

XBLSkull1568d ago

"Does it really kill you fanboys to say Drive Club looks better graphically. It doesn't matter if it's a circuit racer or not. That's the style and decision they decided to go with. Playground could have done the exact same thing, but they went with open world."

It's like the Ryse vs Infamous argument. Ryse is clearly a much better looking game, yet all these Sony fanboys try to claim Infamous looks better and cite "open world" for their reasoning.

BitbyDeath1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


Sounds like you are just trying to get a Ryse out of people.

Graphically it goes inFamous SS > Killzone SF > Ryse

3rd is still good though.

guitarded771568d ago

I just want to say The Crew doesn't look great. It has its limitations being so open, but the beta did nothing to impress me, and I really wanted to be impressed.

As for Project Cars and Drive Club, those will clearly look better, but Horizon is a different type of racer. Should be compared to open world driving games like N4S and The Crew, and I expect it to look pretty good in comparison.

GameNameFame1568d ago


Are you talking about 900P with frame dropping low as 17 fps?

Yea. Technically, that is not very impressive.

UltimateMaster1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

The 2 games aren't comparable.
So why do you compare them?
I know Driveclub looks awesome, but people have feelings about Forza Horizon 2 and the franchise itself.
Don't throw that it their faces like "Ha, it's much better." because that doesn't make Forza H2 a bad game by any means.

UltimateMaster1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I still think FH2 looks much better than Project Cars and The Crew and fun to play and more open-world.
I think The Crew has a lot of potential in having multiple real world location of the US.
I think Driveclub has the best graphics and weather system, they've put a lot of effort into it, they even map the stars according to each location (like anyone else would know unless you tell them)
While Project Cars runs at a smooth 60fps.

They all have their strengths and it's surely a good year to be a driving fan.

SPARTAN31568d ago

"Driveclub is the closest any game has gotten to photorealism."

hahahahahahahahhahahah you mean Project Cars right.

The-Matrix-has-you1568d ago

Both games look fantastic! I for one can't wait for Driveclub to release but I will also pick up Forza Horizon when I get an Xbox One.

imt5581568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Funny thing is Xbone fans thinks that Driveclub is circuit racer.... What a bull****


new gifs :

And that AMAZING lightning :

And yes, graphically Driveclub>>>>>F orza Horizon 2. Even the DC in-game screenshots/gifs beat the shit out of FH2 photomode screenshots!!
Imagine Driveclub 2 being open world with that engine... smh.

Christopher1568d ago

***Driveclub is the closest any game has gotten to photorealism. The games aren't comparable.***

I think you may have left out an 'on consoles' in that statement.

WilDRangeRfc1568d ago

Yeah because FH2 does way more as an open world racer and has 100 x more content,I will bet anything that FH2 will be better received in review scores and by gamers. Why has Driveclub got to come into the conversation anyway this is about Forza and how great it looks and plays,it has nothing to do with DC!! Always trying to downplay and find negatives on here about X1 or it's games or showing your insecurity,buy DC and enjoy it,I will buy both

DOMination-1568d ago

Unreleased, uninspired corridor racer with 10x5 cars vs. Highly reviewed,esteemed open world racer with over 200 cars.


bouzebbal1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

oh dear not again... everyone cherishes the console he owns, and only that one!
Fanboyism has taken over this article.
technically Forza H2 uses a year old engine (from F5). that says it all. looks cool though but definitely doesn't blow any other racer of this gen.
if the writer really means that FH2 blows other games then i respect his opinion. if it's just a fanboy statment then delete this s***

Rute1568d ago

Enemy: I agree with Driveclub being most PHOTOrealistic racer thus far - but I'm not sure that's a positive thing. You see, when you take a video or a photo and view it on a computer screen or TV, the dynamic area of light in that "photorealistic photo or video" is very narrow compared to what we see in real life. That is why HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging was invented and why it has found it's way to films and games.

Let's see one of your example videos you gave:

The narrowness of the dynamic area in that video is evident even to amateurs because the sky is overexposed and lacking in detail. The same goes for the other areas in the video but it is harder to explain for laypeople.

Compare that narrow dynamic range to the high dynamic range seen in Need For Speed rivals:

To my eye, Need For Speed looks much more close to real life than Driveclub, even though it's not "photorealistic".

marcofdeath1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Don't you get it? driver club is the most linear race track game on the planet. It does not compete with a open world extravaganza. It cannot compete with a fully destructible go anywhere world. It's has a draw distance that you will never be able to drive and see. It lacks character. It's like a out run updated. And that gets boring. The lack of CPU usage is incredible. why do you people continue to bring up a game that has already been outclass and will never compete on the same level of Forza horizon 2. There is even a simulation mode.

Look at it this way when driver club can do open world let me know. It should look good the game isn't doing anything else.

gootimes1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I don't really understand the open world vs track racer argument when comparing the two.

Drive club renders a dynamic world with a huge draw distance, it's actually quite impressive. Just because you can't drive everywhere doesn't mean it's not all rendered in a dynamic environment. I would argue that the world DC renders is MORE impressive, actually.

I look at it like this, when FH2 can do photo realism then let me know. All it does is cartoon world playground BS with un realistic driving. Sorry it's true.

Christopher1568d ago

***Don't you get it? driver club is the most linear race track game on the planet. ***

Hello hyperbole!

It's no more linear than Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo. Meaning, any track racer is linear but does not make it inferior for being as such.

***It does not compete with a open world extravaganza. It cannot compete with a fully destructible go anywhere world.***

Does that mean Forza 6 will not be able to compete with Forza Horizons 2 as well?

Alsybub1568d ago


"Graphically it goes inFamous SS > Killzone SF > Ryse"

I own InFamous SS and Ryse, I'm afraid I have to completely disagree with you there. Ryse is a better looking game than InFamous. Of course, InFamous is a better game but that's not what you were talking about.

t-hall7851568d ago

I honestly don't give a shit how driveclub looks. Forza Horizon is FUN TO PLAY. Got off work yesterday and couldn't stop playing. Sooooo much you can do. True open world racer. Driveclub looks fun as well though. We'll have to wait and see if it has enough to offer to be comparable in the only thing these games should be compared at (fun factor)

Rute1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

To the people who disagreed with me: care to explain your reasoning?

I made a case and it also happens to be true: the dynamic range in Driveclub is narrower than what we see in real life.

I'm guessing that the developers used normal photos as reference for what the game should look like. That can be a bad thing, because as I explained, it often results in narrow dynamic range.

Take a look at this video of Driveclub:

You don't see the sky as devoid of details like that in real life. At times it's almost pure white in the video.

That same issue also pops up when taking photos with a cheap camera. Example:

That's called overexposure and it's a sign of a narrow dynamic range.

For examples of pictures with various different attempts at high dynamic range (some bad, some good), take a look at this photo:

Anyone understand this or is this too difficult for you?

boodi1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


"Sounds like you are just trying to get a Ryse out of people.
Graphically it goes inFamous SS > Killzone SF > Ryse
3rd is still good though"


man it hurts me when i read comments like this .. look, i don't have infamous and i have both killzone sf and ryse .. and it's clear not only my eyes but my friends too that the most graphically compelling game between the two is the latter .. i don't know why this ps4 fanboysm has gone so much out of control , i just say enjoy your console if you have one and both if you have both of them.. forza horizon is an incredibly fun driving game .. i'm sure driveclub will be incredible as well .. the two titles look different , being FH less photorealistic .. so as much as photorealism is concerned DC is the best of the two

I've preordered DC , photorealism apart it looks slightly better then FH to my eyes ..and will be a day1 player .. so? FH is less fun and looking worse for this ? no..absolutely.. and it's one of the best driving game ever made , for sure , and one i will play a lot's damn fun.

Why theres some much hate around xbox1.. i really do not understand .. FH is a great game .
I'm looking forward to play DC , hopefully will be as fun if not better .. slightly different because no open world though .. and the open world in FH adds more then some weight to the esperience . The graphics are absolutely gorgeous , even though not as photorealistic as DC.

There's no reason for the hate and the fanboysm .

Grab your console , your drivin game , and play it happy .. stop the hate ..

tekksin1568d ago

yeah driveclub kinda stomps the life out of forza.

d0x3601568d ago

What? Yes horizon is a colorful game but its definitely realistic looking. The game is stunning in motion. Screen shots and videos dont do it justice. Comparing it to drive club is also a bit disingenuous since drive club isn't open world and when a game isn't open world you can do things differently since you never have to worry about a quick location change. That said horizon doesn't look good for an open world game it just looks good period. It also has an incredible sense of speed.

nX1568d ago

Flamebait title and the screenshots in the article don't look impressive at all. Enemy's post should've ended all discussions about visuals instantly, there is no way "Forza Horizon 2's Visuals Blow Away Other Titles" when it's the exact opposite.

Reddzfoxx1568d ago

Have you played Driveclub? Oh wait you haven't because it hasn't released yet.

So I will take it as its the best on either console as of the date the article was created.

No need to post a bunch of pictures of a unreleased game on another console. It makes you look insecure.

ThatOneGuyThere1568d ago


you must be new to this whole "going outside thing" but let me explain. When you focus your eyes on a dark object, when there is lighter objects around, the lighter objects appear even lighter. The same works at night. Walk in the forest using a flashlight in the dead of night. You cant see past the light. Turn off your light, after a couple seconds you'll start to see everything in the forest, dimly. In that video you linked to driveclub, the racer is driving through some dark trees, that creates a 3/4 tunnel. In real life, your eyes would be (hopefully) focusing on the road and trees, and not the sky. the sky would appear washed out if you were noticing it out of the corner of your eye(without redirecting your pupil from the road). In drive club, if its an overcast day, and you're in the open, the scene is rendered accordingly. The sky isnt always washed out. As for your camera evidence, dude. 1) that camera clearly has a scratched\dirty lens and 2) its completely washed out.

So, while you're sitting there trying to complain about something, you're actually complaining about what real life looks like. If you dont see that in real life, perhaps your pupils are stuck.

xx4xx1568d ago

Both are racing games.
Each game is on a different console.
FH2 is open world. DRIVE CLUB is circuit.
FH2 had been released. Driveclub has not. can't be compared. I see no way in which these games can be compared. Nope. No way.

Rute1567d ago


I'm not new to this "going out thing". I'm an artist and practice nature photography, and dare I say, am quite a bit more informed with these issues than your average Joe.

Your flashlight example is poor. The issue with Driveclub is that the lack of details are evident even in *daylight*. That is not true with human vision.

The truth is that the dynamic range, meaning the range of light we are able to see with our eyes, is much higher than what can be presented with a normal TV or computer monitor, and because of that, when making a game like this, you either go with the cheap camera look or try to emulate the human vision by expanding the dynamic range with scene-referring visuals as opposed to device-referring visuals.

I suggest readign more on this from Wikipedia.

"Information stored in high-dynamic-range images typically corresponds to the physical values of luminance or radiance that can be observed in the real world. This is different from traditional digital images, which represent colors that should appear on a monitor or a paper print. Therefore, HDR image formats are often called scene-referred, in contrast to traditional digital images, which are device-referred or output-referred. Furthermore, traditional images are usually encoded for the human visual system (maximizing the visual information stored in the fixed number of bits), which is usually called gamma encoding or gamma correction. The values stored for HDR images are often gamma compressed (power law) or logarithmically encoded, or floating-point linear values, since fixed-point linear encodings are increasingly inefficient over higher dynamic ranges"

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zero_gamer1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Reading the article would help and what not.

HaveAsandwich1568d ago

this is n4g. who reads the articles.

gangsta_red1568d ago

On N4G you don't read the articles you automatically compare any game that is not on PlayStation to another PlayStation game, equivalent or not.

annoyedgamer1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Article? Whats that?

I want 8 bubbles like the fellows so I can troll too and I don't think reading these "articles" is going to get me there.

RebelWAC1568d ago

Some people are so defensive. FH2 looks really good and for once, this is not a fan boy article.

@HaveAsandwich this is the Internet. Who reads at all? People just comment...

thereapersson1568d ago


That's F'n hilarious!

TH3BR3W1568d ago

On n4g, article read you! Lol

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Magicite1568d ago

FH2 looks great, but blows away?...smh.

VforVideogames1568d ago

WOW look at all this hate , can we all just get along.

system221568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

you know to be honest... the graphics aren't that far off. i just bought fh2 and have played a demo of drive club through a work connection. i'll give drive club the edge on some of the rain interaction and atmosphere of the rain etc (didn't see snow and fh2 doesn't have snow) but the environments, cars, lighting etc are pretty similar on both when you are actually playing and looking at it on a screen vs web screen gabs that seem to smooth out the aliasing on both titles. driveclub is a little darker and uses more ambient occlusion it seems and fh2 seems a bit more colorful and vibrant. i assume these are just stylistic differences for mood and i don't think one is better than the other in that regard. that said, fh2 is also open world which is way more resource heavy so considering it looks as amazing as it does is a pretty good achievement i'd say even if some of the weather is a bit dialed back in comparison. lets just agree that if you have the ability to play either, you're in for a visual treat.





Kribwalker1568d ago

Please refrain from being logical. It will get you nothing but negative bubbles. As well, please refrain from posting anything positive about Xbox. That will also violate your terms of service agreement on PSN4G and cause a loss of bubbles and possible suspension. Thank you for your future co-operation

pop_tarts1568d ago


Not to be a negative nancy, but the first Driveclub image is clearly forza 5, with that being sad, no drive clubs environment car models etc are superior. I played both thanks to my Playstation MVP status and a friend letting me download FH2 from him so yeah.

Mkai281568d ago

What are you doing, the first link is FORZA 5 😂😂😂

ABizzel11568d ago

Pop tart beat me to it, and if you want a real comparison so actual gameplay. They're not close at all. Forza looks great DC looks "stunning"

Trekster_Gamer1568d ago

Kribwalker.. That was hilarious!
Bubble to you!

aceitman1568d ago

@system22 there is a difference between in game and cut scenes forza h is using the in game footage that's in the cut scenes and driveclub is in game footage which is what u will see when ur playing the game. while forza h looks good driveclub has it beat by miles. while forza is an open world and DC is closed track I feel more immersed in DC it feels like the real world when I played it. that's how much depth they put into it.

RebelWAC1568d ago

Homie you high. You should know better than comparing a Xbox Uno game to PS4 game within the same genre around here.

And don't you dare say that they're close..

PS4 lifeeee!!!

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3-4-51568d ago

* Most fun I've ever had in a driving game possibly.

Loving this game so far.

Audiggity1568d ago

Yep, I was playing it last night, had a blast... it is the first game I've played on the XB1 or PS4 where I didn't immediately think "Wow, I'd rather be playing GTA V on a previous gen console right now"...

So, that's a good thing!

Mordor's next in the queue.

Revolt131568d ago

Drive Club isn't open world, so...i guess you make sense?

1568d ago
assdan1568d ago

FH2 also looks great, but yes driveclub definitely looks better. I think racing games will look photorealistic by the end of this gen.

FanboyKilla1568d ago Show
NextGen24Gamer1568d ago

FH2 is the best looking & playing racing game I have ever played to date. It's open world, graphics is stupidly sick, and gameplay is incredible. In regards to the racing games not released yet, we will have to wait and see how they look & play when they are released. I love racing games & I use my 400 dollar thrustmaster so I will be getting them all. But it doesn't change the fact that as of TODAY....FH2 is the best looking & playing racer I have ever played. PERIOD.

GamerRetro1568d ago

Lmfao driveclub Meh !!!!!

Azzanation1568d ago

There talking about what's out now. DC isn't out yet.

2cents1568d ago

Can we please down vote people as trolling who keep bringing Driveclub to the Foza Horizon Articles?

It's getting very BOOOOOORING!!!

On topic: This game really look sweet, cant wait for Friday. I've hammered the demo to death, I need more!!!

n1kki61568d ago

Couldn't agree more. It's a tired response that shows up in every racing article

n1kki61568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Everytime anything positive is posted about either system people start arguing. Here is a crazy idea, if you love gaming so much just buy both, if don't want both just enjoy your console.

I have my XB1 hooked up on my project with my racing seat and it's awesome, I use it primarily for Forza 5 and Forza H2 since PS4 had nothing that could use a wheel until drive club hits. Wth drive club being delayed I also want to wait on the free ps+ version before jumping into the full title.

If driveclub is good I will eventually buy a wheel for my PS4 as well, but it will mostl likely wait until the next gran turismo. Also, on how good project cars and the crew turn out. Since I am the only one with the xb1 with my group of friends I tend to multiplat on the ps4.

2cents1568d ago

I'm so jelly... my wife would have a fit if I came home with a racing seat and plonked it right in the middle of the living room haha!

But maybe.... hmmmmm...

Time to think of a bribe :)

geddesmond1568d ago

Pure clickbait title which worked very well for them.

Ps4marksthespotnotX1568d ago

XBL SKULL you clearly have been smoking something if you think ryse is better looking than infamous, infamous has perfect graphics idiot!