Xbox One vs PS4 - both cost £329, which should you buy?

It was always going to be a hard-fought battle for supremacy in the next-gen console war, but with the Xbox One and PS4, Microsoft and Sony have gone all-out to make sure that their console dominates. Since they launched last year, Sony has taken an early lead with the PS4 outselling the Xbox One by around 50 per cent. However, there's a good argument that a lot of that has to do with the Xbox One's high launch price, because it shipped with Kinect. Now you don't need Kinect and both consoles cost just £329 it's not so easy to pick which one you should buy.

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Foehammer1480d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

The one with the games you want to play


Forza Horizon 2...86
Dead Rising 3...78
Forza 5...79

Still to come

Ori and the Blind Forest
Sunset Overdrive
KI 2
The Division (with exclusive content)
Halo 5
Gears of War
Quantum Break
I'd list a bunch of indies but I'm not desperate

and the features you want

TV input
external HDD support

And last but not least...

A network that has robust security and doesn't get hacked and go down all the time

LordDhampire1480d ago

Ps4, I can't play those games on PC all best xbox games I own on PC,

ABizzel11480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

The one with the games you want to play


Killzone: SF
Infamous: SS
MLB 14
Drive Club
Little Big Planet 3
Destiny (with exclusive content)

Still to come

Dragon Quest Heroes
Persona 5
Tearaway Unfolded
The Last of Us Remaster
Yakuza 0
Disgaea 5
Everybody’s Gone to Rapture
The Order
Uncharted 4
Until Dawn
The Tomorrow Children
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Deep Down
Far Cry 4 (with game share)
God Eater 2
And I’m sure I missed several others

And features you want

Unrivaled Diversity in games
Strong support from all gaming markets (US / EU / JP)
Upgradable HDD
Game sharing
Remote Play (Vita, Xperia, PSTV, and more on the way)
Project Morpheus (possibly changing the way we play games)
Proven GOTY winning first party studios (many of which still have games yet to be revealed) 

LightningMokey1480d ago

Last of Us Remastered is already out.

stonecold31480d ago

you forgot the order 1886

WilDRangeRfc1480d ago

So glad I have both,getting Fifa 15 on PS4 and FH2 on X1 in about 3 hours after my train journey home from Navy ends;)

MasterCornholio1480d ago

I can't wait for many of those titles. Glad I chose PS4.


Going to get a Wii U next but I dont know when. Maybe with the Zelda bundle.

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masterfox1480d ago Show
NovasRevenge1480d ago

xbox one simply because psn sucks.

and yes i own a xbone,ps4,wii u, pc and the one that gets no attention is ps4 because its garbage

xHeavYx1480d ago

I'd say your poor attempt at trolling is garbage

joel_c171480d ago

Lol 2006 called - it wants its complaints back.

TheSaint1480d ago

Still trotting out that same old garbage, PSN works fine. Always has done.

Funantic11480d ago

The X1 has more to offer right now and this year. Also the X1 has the better security online and more frequent updates. I don't have time for servers being down or hacked. And I'm not impressed with the indies. The X1 has higher rated games too. Easy choice...Xbox One. So easy a cave man can do it.

bazinga_911480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

"Xbox has higher rated games"


"I am not impressed by indies"

But I bet you are impressed by Cuphead and Below.

As for people that set some standard for next gen console gaming, they won't stoop low to play games in 720p in 2014. Lol!
So yeah, choice was easy for people. Ps4 hasn't got the lead of 5million for nothing.

DanzoSAMA1480d ago

u forget a lot of games mate.
Scale Bound
Dragons Age (with timed exclusive content)
Phantom Dust
Evolve (with exclusive content)
Fifa (with exclusive legendary players)

maybe I forget some games..

of course we don't add indie games in the list. lol

ITPython1480d ago

The PS4 is the obvious choice for anybody without a bias. It makes the most sense to buy a PS4 first, and the XB1 second. Why?

Well the PS4 has the better performing and looking multiplats. And you also get a bonus helping of exclusives as well. Whereas with the XB1, the only reason to buy one is for the exclusives. Nobody in their right mind buys an XB1 for the lesser performing multiplats. And it would be even more of a stretch to buy the XB1 just for the handful of lackluster exclusives it has so far.

So while the XB1 builds it's exclusive library, you play the best looking and performing version of multiplats (on consoles) and also enjoy all of the amazing exclusives from Sony. Then 3-5 years down the road when the XB1 finally has amassed a decent mix of exclusives, you buy it as well.

IMO it is common sense.

RedstonerMC1480d ago

Shit i had a bias towards microsoft and xbox and i still bought a ps4. It's just the logical decision.

WilDRangeRfc1480d ago

Why dismiss other factors such as 1.Do you want to play with your friends? 2. The superior online network 3. Way better quality voice chat PS4 quality is bad 4. The better controller that stays in one piece and battery lasts way longer
I have both consoles but it comes down to way more than just 1080p vs 900p my friend they are both high quality consoles and both have pro,s and cons

Christopher1480d ago

@WilDRangeRfc: I'll leave everything alone with your comment other than one item: quality of voice chat. It's damn clear and easy to use on PSN as far as I'm concerned. Been using it a ton in Destiny and haven't had any problems at all other than a handful of people who have crappy mics that pic up a ton of noise.

tinynuggins1480d ago

I'd say go for Xbox one for 2014 and 2015 while saving for a ps4 for late 2015.

AngelicIceDiamond1480d ago

Which one should you buy? Whatever console you like the games on and online service suits you.

The power of the preference and opinion are beautiful.

DOMination-1480d ago

Had both since launch but Horizon 2 will be the first game I buy for xb1. At the same price its a no brainer for me. Ps4 has better multiplats and a good range of games coming out.

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Manic20141480d ago

Both, but for single console purchase, the one which has the most suitable games of your choice. Eventually though both console will provide more diverse library than there is currently.

NukaCola1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

WoW 329 British Pounds is over $530 US bucks. That's too rich for me. So for that, you want to get the most value for your money, and I'd go with the tried and true company who has delivered GOTY winners and ground breaking gaming revolution/experiences since 1995.

hkgamer1480d ago

which is why when people from uk see US people complain about prices, it kinda pisses us off because we pay a lot more.

FarEastOrient1480d ago

I agree look at how much these consoles cost in Australia and Hong Kong. Gaming in the US is cheap!

Christopher1480d ago

@hkgamer: Yeah, but you get a bit more out of that. I'll trade you health care costs and other non-government funded elements here for VAT.

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Majin-vegeta1480d ago

Simple just look at the history of the companies and see which one has more commitment to continue supporting their console throughout their lifetime ;).

Bathyj1480d ago


I dont base my console purchase on the games that come out in the first year. MS always was good at foreplay, but lack long term stamina.

Fatal-Aim1480d ago

I could not have said it any better. i have been saying this from the start. people seem to have a brain relapse every single time Sony launches a new console. they always start off with a small selection, and after about a year and onward, they start blowing the doors off.

TheNew11480d ago

That was then, this is now.

Bathyj1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

Fool me thrice, well you need to just have a good hard look at your decision making process.

2 previous generations have shown once MS realises they cant win, they dump their customers like a used something gross. What happens now that they know that in the first year?

tinynuggins1480d ago

Then buy it when Sony starts to blow the doors off. Until then go with xbox one.

GodGinrai1480d ago

"2 previous generations have shown once MS realises they cant win, they dump their customers like a used something gross."

the first Xbox life got cut short because of a sour deal with Nvidia. The second Xbox has seen titanfall, forza horizon and few F2P games, this year. All things considered I would have to dissagree with you about dumping thier customers. In the first instance they had no choice. In the second instance, the xbox 360 is in its ninth year and still has some descent games coming out. Even though that lack of 1st party studios started to catch up on them in these last few years. But they seem to be taking notes these days. which is good. Some great XB1 exclusive this fall..Next E3 will be an interesting spectacle.

all said And done. I enjoy My XB1 and have not regretted it. I say that as somebody who acknowledges their misteps in the later life of the X360 and the poor choices made in the initial XB1 unveiling. It will take a little while to shake off the remains of Matrick's ghost but, they are getting there, slowly.

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Remy_Chaos1480d ago

LOL and you get disagrees simply because history shows the truth of a certain company...

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HaveSumNuts1480d ago

If this gets approved, I lose a little more faith in N4G. Can we go 1 day without 20 articles about crappy opinions, "why I think this is better", flame wars or clickbait. Even Dualshockers seems better than this site right now.