Defense Grid 2 Review – Console Caliber Tower Defense - PSLS

"Tower defense games are one of my favorite kinds of strategy video games. There’s something really fun in trying my hand at figuring out the best way to shoot down masses of enemies using limited resources and precise placement of towers. Defense Grid 2 does a good job creating a high quality console tower defense game with tons of features that greatly increase the replayability of the title, while building up narrative intrigue in a mystery that snowballs with each new level." - PSLS

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knifefight1480d ago

Will this go physical or is it another digital-only thing?

Wedge191480d ago

Seems like it is digital only for the time being, but with a pretty loyal following, they may produce physical discs in the future.

Wedge191480d ago

Really changes how I see the Tower Defense genre of games.

Ra30301480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I played the first one on XBL and loved it so DG2 it was a easy get for me. I dnloaded it a couple days again for the PS4 and I recommend to anyone that's into defense tower games. I doubt there's any better IMO. I'm hoping to find a reason to get Anomaly 2 now but Im still unsure on that one.