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SelectButton: "Destiny is an incredibly difficult game to review for a variety of reasons. Currently there is no true endgame, although Bungie has opened up the first 6-player raid, expanding upon the content at release."

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pompombrum1571d ago

"Hitting 20 is just the beginning" Yeah the beginning of going through everything you've already done multiple times in a boring repetitive grind. In fact, after you reach 20 with the exception of improved difficulty, the only new thing to actually explore is VoG.

Neonridr1571d ago

And that's really only once you hit 25 minimum...

anwe1571d ago

Far too little content, and too many invisible walls & ceilings make the already small areas even smaller. I bought the game and the expansions for both me and my brother based on the hype, and have never felt so ripped off and disappointed by a game. Game is too restrictive, grindy, and repetitive, and no amount of bungie saying otherwise changes that. I've uninstalled, and I couldn't care less about the upcoming expansions I've already paid for.

LazyGoron1571d ago

Argh I am finally level 27 and have gold/legendary gear. But damn it if it's not the hardest grind to find ascendant shards and energy's.

I love the game but now it's turning into an Animal Crossing game for me. There's no real quick/simple way to level up your character once you hit 25/26. It's becoming a daily chore/task to go and do the daily challenge for a shard, then go farm for helium or spirit blooms or relic shards... all that JUST to be a higher level.

Frustrating that doing strikes, bounties, and queens tasks doesn't really do anything for your level past a certain point. Tired of the same 2 pieces of gear from the queen, I am tired of defeating Sepiks Prime on Earth, tired of having to farm to level up as opposed to beating things in the game.

Give me a shard or energy every time I do anything so I don't have to hope for 2 maybe 3 a day.

Omnisonne1571d ago

The very reason i quit playing after 1-2 weeks, if post-level 20 is where the real game starts, then it is by far the most tedious and flat game i have played recent years.

Hell it even makes the campaign look good lol

caseh1571d ago

I've just decided i'm done with it. Outside of deploying your ghost and defending it every 5 minutes the crucible is just a mess of super charges and 1 hit kills.

I'm almost tempted to wait and see what comes about with the expansions but I genuinely don't want to hand over any more cash for this game.

Omnisonne1571d ago


Yeah, when it comes to expansions/DLC ill probably wait for a GOTY or ultimate edition somewhere next year(?).

Perhaps then it'll be a better game

Neonridr1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

a roll of a dice... If you do the daily heroic mission and bump up the difficulty a bit, I believe one of the rewards is ascendant materials. Only other luck is breaking down legendary gear that you don't need, but we all know how often you find legendary engrams.. :P

I am level 27 as well.

LazyGoron1571d ago

Yep that's what I do, I can't do level 28 by myself but I can do level 24 alone and I do those every day and that's how I've gotten over half of my shards.

I rarely get them from engrams and crucible.

thezeldadoth1571d ago

it was the end for me. i get no urge to grind in destiny. thats just me though. i'll grind on world of warcraft for some reason, just don't get that sense of accomplishment from destiny.

kurruptor1571d ago

Would you people who keep saying it is a repetitive grind, please tell me what shooter you guys are playing that after the first 10, 15, 20 hours of playing the game.... you aren't doing the same thing over and over and over?

Please, I'd really like to know what shooter has dozens and dozens of hours of new and fresh content.

LazyGoron1571d ago

Well, I can only speak for myself... but I've played COD MW1, WaW, MW2, and BO1. In those games, there's the prestige system that kept me going. Also, much more of a social FPS. I can talk and meet friends without having to "inspect" the players like I do in Destiny.

Primarily in those FPS it's the prestige system that keeps people going. Also, COD is so damn fluid that it's just... better/different than other FPS on the market now. Even COD4 was 60 FPS, that's a huge deal for me at least. I definitely enjoy Destiny's PVP but I for one can see the stutter that 30 FPS causes.

I would assume BF fans enjoy that series because of the size and scope of levels, the vast array of weaponry, destructible/active environments (Destiny's trees and other scenery seem so... dead to me).

Who knows?

I could ask... "how do people enjoy (insert genre)" because it's always the same mechanics regardless of the genre. Seems like a loaded question you asked.

pompombrum1571d ago

Most shooters don't claim to have a ten year lifespan. It's also an apples and oranges debate anyway because this isn't supposed to be a conventional shooter, it's an MMO. All other western made MMOs get it, it's all about progression and it's about keeping that progression engaging and interesting throughout, this is where Destiny fails.

kurruptor1571d ago

It isn't an MMO. Bungie never said it was.

This game doesn't have a 10 year lifespan. They never said it did. The franchise as a whole does.

Also, you still didn't answer my question.

Neonridr1571d ago

Destiny 2 will be out in like 2-3 years.

Perjoss1571d ago

Don't feed the anti-hype hipsters

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