Lego Batman 3 - Beyond Deja Vu?

There have been a lot of licensed Lego games: Star Wars, Indy, Harry Potter, etc, etc. We’ve actually had fifteen of them in the near 10 years since TT Games first introduced the gameplay style the series is known for. On November 14th we’ll see the release of the latest entry into the Lego universe. Step forward and collect yet another stud: it’s Lego Batman 3 – Beyond Gotham.

Rob Thubron invites his girlfriend round to try out the backseat of his Lego Batmobile, will she find it stale or enjoy the ride?

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badz1491480d ago

I am a sucker for LEGO games too but not all of them. the evolution from the original Lego Batman to LBM2 DC Super Heroes are huge improvements to the series but honestly becoming stale with Marvel Super Heroes. But I enjoy the quirky story and the humor of them and I hope they will be another LEGO MSH2 in the works after Beyond Arkham.

with the promise of larger scale game and 45 missions (I hope this means story mission, not side missions! kinda disappointed MSH had only 15!) I will be getting my hands on this day 1 as I love the series and my son loves it too and hope that there will be many things to occupy us other than just collecting studs to buy characters.

SteamPowered1480d ago

Marvel Superheroes did it best though. I still play that sucker all the time. I love the characters and the open world format. Plus I can finally be the Punisher again!!

badz1491480d ago

yeah but when you already completed the game 100%, it's pretty much a bore. and not to mentions that out of 250 Gold bricks needed to be collected quite a number of those are repetitive quest over and over. that's why I hope that there will be many more story missions in Beyond Arkham not another 15 like MSH!

lemoncake1480d ago

I really like these games because of the couch coop but they make them way too fast, we already have hobbit, marvel and the movie this year and now we are getting this. Personally I find it's just too much. Saying all that I will still probably go out and buy this game at some point if a new one hasn't already come out by then in which case I will buy that one.