Kickbeat Special Edition Review - Mouse n Joypad

Tickles writes -"It’s not often that I can say I thoroughly enjoyed a game. It’s a strange statement for someone who reviews games to make but there will usually be some aspect of the game that really turns me off to the whole thing. Kickbeat is a refreshing and fun game from Zen studios. It’s a fresh take on two genres that have been flogged to death and then flogged some more. When I first loaded Kickbeat up on my Xbox One I thought it was going to be another button mashing beat ‘em up, I was prepared for tedious and frustrating boss battles as well as the agonising “palming” blisters that seem inevitable anytime I pick up a fighting game. As you can guess I am not the biggest beat ‘em up fan you are likely to meet. In this case though… I couldn’t have been more wrong."

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