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POCG: "Destiny’s world is pretty expansive. It allows the players to go off and explore regions that are not dependent on the main story line. There may be hidden caves with random treasure, a ship that has powerful enemies within it, or land completely off the beaten path. A dynamic map is not included within the game of Destiny. Although the game includes a “Nav Mode” when you are talking to your ghost that will overlay “Nav Points” onto your main HUD to show the general direction of the next nav point."

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cfc831480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I liked the alpha and beta, but havent bought a copy yet. Did anyone like the beta, but not like the game. I'm seeing some not so great scores. Is it take out merchants mad at not getting a free review copy, or is it more than that ?

abrich1480d ago

I skipped the alpha and beta so I cant speak for how it is compared to that, but I like the game myself for the most part. It can be incredibly fun, but its also incredibly tedious and grindy once you get to level 20. Plus they really need to try and bring more story elements ingame instead of having the vast majority of the story in cards you have to view out of game.