Is Xbox One a gamechanger for Microsoft in China?

Shiv Putcha, Associate Research Director for Consumer Mobility at IDC Asia Pacific, is cautiously optimistic about the launch as challenges remain for Microsoft in the near term.

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Eonjay1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

It seems like the greatest barrier for any console is going to be the government itself. As the video goes on to point out, there is very strong competition in China. In the end, it looks like Microsoft can make something happen, but they will have to work hard and remain dedicated. The first guy also suggests that by being first, Microsoft will have an early start advantage. Also, this is actually a series of videos and everyone seems to make valid points.

bleedsoe9mm1482d ago

at least the lines at the launch show there is a law abiding market not willing to get western consoles and games through black or grey markets .

Septic1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Yeah I mean if Destiny can get banned there for 'violent content' then God knows what else will get censored there.

Kayant1482d ago

There is also the black market has the second video says. And there is the piracy and paying for a sub problems(which will start after march 2015 after XBL is not free). Consoles have a uphill battle there .

This article has some good info also -

hello121482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

From Bloomberg

Official sales of the Microsoft XBox One will fail to take off in China should government continue to ban popular games to regulate content.

I agree with this.

Banning games like Halo and Destiny and Call of duty is not going to help Microsoft to be honest. Family oriented games only appeal to a certain section of gamers.

Eonjay1482d ago

Its not just that. There is already a $13Billion market there thriving with thousands of developers. This means that the Xbox's real disadvantage is the amount of content it has. Notice though, that Microsoft said it is working with 25 Chinese developers to procure 70+ games.

This is an important factor because it shows that Microsoft understands it will be more successful if it can attract content that may not be subject to the harsh screening process that will probably prevent Call of Duty from ever seeing the light of day in China.

JsonHenry1482d ago

They'll just make their own games for that market. Kinda like the free to play version of Counter Strike. The market is big enough and lucrative enough for this to happen.

However I hate it for them that their government is so involved in personal choice and imports. But I'm sure MS did the math on the Chinese market and would not have bothered unless they thought they could make up the money in that area even with a heavy handed state censorship.

WeAreLegion1482d ago

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. This should be interesting though, especially once PS4 and Wii U release in China, as well.

Illusive_Man1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Sony fans hope its not a gamechanger but emergent markets might be the best strategy for Microsoft. And if they play their cards right the Xbox could be a very huge hit.

Eonjay1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

"Sony fans hope its not a gamechanger but emergent markets might be the best strategy for Microsoft."


Sony fans hope there is an appetite for consoles in China because that means that the PS4 could potentially be massive there.

darthv721482d ago

True and just as with MS they will have to withhold their violent content games such as killzone and possibly infamous and bloodborne in favor of more subdued games like knack and lbp.

not that there is anything wrong with those last two games but lets face it...the more popular ones tend to be those that push the envelope of a more action packed nature.

nintendo would do the same thing but probably to a lesser extent because they already keep a watchful eye over the games released for their platforms.

the_dark_one1482d ago


well sony does have a good amount of games that are family friendly tearway, littlebigplanet, ratchet and clank and some other so i can see it doing ok

imt5581481d ago

Actually, it is! At least on Twitter and according to some poll until PS4 start to selling in China.

AlphaBlackWolf961482d ago

False, because for Sony to succeed in China first Microsoft must penetrate the market. If Microsoft fails then it erases the chances of there being a console market.

the_dark_one1482d ago

well its not like china will be exclusive to xbox. the lead start will help it but we saw what happens last gen with xbox 360 launched 1 and a half year before ps3 and still it managed to caught up with it.
only time will tell

zsquaresoff1481d ago

If Microsoft is doing well there, imagine how well Ps4 will do.

I don't buy the argument that because ps4 is Japanese made, Chinese people won't buy it.

You make a good product, people will buy.

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