Destiny Review- Does it live up to the hype? | Bristolian Gamer.

Destiny review it took me a while due to Activision took a while to send me a review copy. Enjoy.

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Father__Merrin1480d ago

not played it yet, but why the low scores...

Torque_CS_Lewith1480d ago

Or read the reviews and find out.

N4GDgAPc1480d ago

Really I don't understand the scores at all. They use hype as a score system. If you read a lot of the reviews they say its a very fun game 6 out 10. They just had this expectation that this game was going to be the best game ever created.

Clearly they were praising it during beta and people knew exactly what the game was going to be when it was released. I don't know why they expected anything different from beta especially when beta was not to far off from release date.

mark3214uk1480d ago

i still like the game regardless of the scores, in the past ive bought games based of a high ign score ect and they have been crap,i watch a trailer and some gameplay on youtube if i like it i go buy it