Alien: Isolation Preview | VGU

Sega and Creative Assembly brought Alien: Isolation to EGX 2014 and we checked it out.

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Doogle3002190d ago

I can't wait to get myself locked away in a ship with a terrifying Xenomorph!

TheXploder2190d ago

Much Hype, such Alien. Cannot wait to get this after playing it at EGX. I NEED IT!

hemmo19862190d ago

The more i watch and read about this game the more i want it; however i'm still going to wait for reviews, just to be on the safe side.

Does look awesome though.

sorceror1712190d ago

Yeah, Sega burned up a whole lot of credibility with the whole Colonial Marines fiasco. Almost everything I've seen points to this being a good game... but then again, there was that lying Colonial Marines preview.

So I'll wait for reviews. Until then, if Sega said the sun was rising in the east, I'd still go to the window to check.

UNKLE2190d ago Show
kyon1472190d ago

This game at EGX was terrifying can not wait to play it!

CKPan2189d ago

Terrifying, Yes, as long as this game lasts a movie length, after that, all the terrifying is gone, only frustration left.