Anomaly 2 PS4 Review | GES

"Anomaly 2 has been out for over a year now, but now it has been remastered and released for PS4. So obviously I had to try it out as I played it before on my Tablet and the concept was great.

Because I played it on Android before I sort of knew what to expect but was eager to see what differences there will be. I straight away jumped into the campaign, the story is very interesting but can become a little weak at some points. After the initial stage where they show you some basics you get thrown into a training simulator and just when you are about to finish your training the base gets attacked and your are thrown into the deep end. What makes this game unique for me is that your play on the Offence. Usually in Tower Defence games you build Towers and defend from an attack, here everything is reversed (Except when you play Multiplayer)."

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