Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor: A purer Assassin's Creed (with Orcs)

Videogamer takes a look at 30 minutes of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on PS4.

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RG_Dubz3102d ago

You do know Assassin's Creed was not the first game to use this style of gameplay right?

thorstein3102d ago

Assassin's Creed: A Purer Prince of Persia (with white people)


Enemy3102d ago

It wasn't the first but it's definitely the one most people know.

RG_Dubz3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Yeah I know, it's just annoying to see people refer to a game as an Assassin's Creed Clone, GTA Clone or God of War Clone just because they're popular, none of them being original, all clones of other games that came before them.

iHEARTboobs3101d ago

No one was claiming they were the originators of that style. They just mention AC because it's current and therefore, relevant.

LazyGoron3101d ago

Stop whining people... basketball players are always compared to Michael Jordan and you don't hear sports analysts say "well MJ wasn't the FIRST basketball player"

COD, AC, GTA all get compared to FPS, 3rd person parkour/action, and open-world games that come out. It's not because they were the first, it's because they're the best in their genre and the most recognizable. You don't have to like COD, AC, or GTA but you have to understand that they are the Michael Jordan of their genre.

Saying they weren't the first just makes you look ignorant and whiny.

OT - pumped to play this at midnight tonight after I download it on my PS4 :)

FullmetalRoyale3101d ago

You are doing the preload, correct? I only ask because I'd hate to think you are gonna have to sit there at midnight waiting for the game to download, when you could be playing.

I downloaded mine yesterday.

LazyGoron3101d ago

No you're right, I've downloaded it already and just need to pre-load at Midnight or whatever it's called LOL

FullmetalRoyale3101d ago

Good! Preloading it IS downloading it, so you are good to go! The only thing I might add is that I would use the options button on Mordor and go down to information to make sure all 28GB is downloaded. It should say "completed". Then for sure you would know that it is ready!

Ready to decapitate some orcs? ;)

I will be playing it Tuesday, after breakfast and with my morning coffee, because I just happened to be scheduled off work Tuesday be lack before I was even going to get the game.

Sometime things just fall together nicely!

RG_Dubz3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

This isn't a sport, were not comparing best players.

Only you casual gamers compare new games to those games because let's face it, that's all you know.

CoD is absolutely horrendous, I mean if another FPS was designed specifically for children I'd compare it to CoD, but Call of Duty is the only one that is made for children and man-children alike.

Even the CoD developers said CoD players are not real gamers.

To say any of those games are the best in the genre shows how little you know about gaming, sales don't make a game good, just ask CoD and Destiny.

I've played better games in every genre you mentioned.

LazyGoron3101d ago

I laugh at the ignorance you displayed. Who are casual gamers? Me because I am able to say that those games are the MJ of their genre? The most recognizable series' in games in general I could argue.

That idea has nothing to do with casualness. Not that I care if people play casual games casually. I apologize for being aware of the gaming scene even if they're not games I play, I just don't waste my time criticizing those who do.

Troll fail

MookaTek3101d ago

Looking forward to picking this game up at Walmart Monday night (Tuesday morning) when I get off work at 3:30 AM. I wasn't sure if I was going to get it day one, but I'm going to be there picking up Forza Horizon 2 anyway, so what the hell. There's no way I'm going to be able to resist it when I see it just sitting there. I doubt I'll regret the purchase.

RedCloud883101d ago

Preloaded and waiting on my xb1. Almost forgot about this game until the reviews popped up friday. Glad N4G was there to remind me. Now just to choose what to play first... forza or mordor.... add in destiny and driveclub and its a busy few weeks. LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!

-Einhert-3101d ago

You use one button to attack and one button to counter.

There is also some stealth mechanics but the similarities end there.

The combat in this game is far better than Assassins creed because the enemies actually come at you and if you counter you are not rewarded with an endless kill chain so in essence it has more in common with arkham than creed.

Enemies take multiple hits and the elite enemies can develop traits thanks to the Nemeis System which change the combat up like being invulnerable to stealth attacks, able to hit through counters, immune to melee or ranged attacks etc

The wraith powers really mix it up to.

I would not let anyone who is playing the game like assassins creed dissuade your opinion of this game as it is very much its own beast.
The wraith powers

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