How Rapidly PC Gaming is Increasing

GamingWorm says : ''There is a never ending war between PC Gaming and Consoles and users of both, the PC and Consoles, always keep arguing that which one is better. Consoles were considered to be favorite some years back but nowadays PC is thought to be the favorite for most of gamers. Well consoles also have their benefits, like you never need to upgrade it and it gives smooth gaming at HD quality at less price. But there are some limitations like you cannot enjoy 2k or 4k Resolutions nor can you exceed limited Frame Rates. So let's see some facts to know how fast PC Gaming is increasing.''

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FsterThnFTL1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Very small games library on the new consoles currently, price of entry of the new consoles is still too high for most people, multiplatforms look better & run better on PC, dlc milking, season passes, paid online on consoles, overhyped disappointing games like Destiny all contribute towards PC Gaming rapidly becoming bigger. PC is not defeating consoles but consoles are defeating themselves with shady practices that are hurting the consumers wallets while PC continues to grow because the consumers don't feel ripped off and have lots of choice according to how much they are willing to spend.

swishersweets200311484d ago

you hit the nail right on the head. I'm strongly looking into dumping my ps4 for pc. I've been waiting a year just to get friend notifications and features promised on my ps4. Too long i've been hearing, "Soon" from sony. That 50$ a year, for a service that provides absolutely no improvement on the online gaming aspect. So far i really can't see keep shelling 50$ a year so i can keep playing don't starve. That's the only game from plus i've enjoyed. Other than that it's just shovelware crap. There is no excuse on why the ps3 version of plus can get games like 2k14, tomb raider.. while we get stuck with pixel crap shooter and fez. It's a waste of money and a waste of time. Now the ps3 version of plus is nice, and granted a option. With ps4 it's just throwing money out the door.

Highlife1483d ago

Wow you people are delusional. Your pc master race sickness went straight to your head.
@fasterthanftl price of consoles to high? Right and gaming pc's are cheap? Hell no. Playing games that are 10 years or older on new pc's can be difficult. Not as easy as you make it sound. I could for the life of me get unreal tournament runing on a Windows 8 machine. So don't pretend it all roses. Have fun with drivers and constantly upgrading.

Chrischi19881483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Constantly upgrading and driver problems^^ lol, you obviously never used a PC. But I guess it is no trouble for you to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 8, right? I get a message from nVidia that there is a newer driver, I click on download and install, omg, this is so hard and you really need to be a huge PC nerd to do so^^

BiggerBoss1483d ago

Lol you wann get rid of your ps4 because of friend notifications?? Do you even have a ps4.?

OT: both PC gaming and Console gaming have pros and cons, but for me and the vast majority of people I know, pc gaming just isn't as appealing as many on this site make it out to be.

GundalfDeGrej1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )


PCs have a higher initial cost but really are cheaper in the long run if you buy a lot of games. Take Shadow of Mordor for example. Where I live, the console version is 33% more expensive than the PC version! You could get it even cheaper if you choose to buy it off a cd key reseller like G2A. Over time you'll save a ton of money.

I'm not saying there aren't any reasons to own a console. I just wouldn't say price is one of them...

UltimateMaster1483d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

PC Gaming is great.

swishersweets200311483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

@Shin no this is not my first console at launch. I knew about the 50$ fee, and i accepted it at first. Call it being blinded by the hype in a way. Now that i look back on it, a year into it I see that it's such a waste of money. I find no value in plus. That's me. Maybe you might but i dont. I think it's the biggest crock being shoved down our throats and it's either accept it or don't play multiplayer. If it was as choice i wouldn't knock it so much. Either way it's eye opening when im going to the store, and seeing tomb raider for 50$ here, and just two weeks ago it was 7$ on steam. That goes a long way when your wallet isn't as fat as others. Yeah ps4 is a nice little machine for 400$. Then i think about well about 7 years from now.. i'll be pumping nearly 300$ just towards sonys multiplayer fee, then have to probably drop another 400$ for the latest console tech. On top of the games are marked up more on ps4 and xbox. Take that all into account, I might as well just build a beast machine now for 1500$. tasting sweet ultra settings and super frame rates and not have to worry about ps5's and xbox 2s.

DevilOgreFish1483d ago

I'm still holding on to my console for the exclusives, but honestly, PC gaming has kept me busy for years and it's been a great investment, no complaints.

Steam is free to join, it has an achievement system, built-in music player, a console mode to view your selection of games, and a internet browser which you can navigate through your controller.

The PC experience is always thriving and can be just as good as consoles if not better. you do not need to discard any games to always enjoy Steam.

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FsterThnFTL1483d ago

I would like to add no backwards compatibilty on the New consoles at all, where as on PC you can play 20+ year old games on modern PCs if you wanted too.

Ace Killa 081483d ago

HL2, EP1, EP2, Portal, Metal Slug, Bioshock (all of them) Fallout 3....Yeah I like to play these games time to time and happy I can!

JsonHenry1483d ago

Other than DRM-gate during the late 90s/early 2000s PC gaming has always had better business practices on the whole of it. But that is because PC gaming is an open platform. Consoles will always have shady practices due to their closed nature. But hopefully for the manufacturers (and the gamers too!) they make the trade offs worth it for consoles.

Even though I'm primarily a PC gamer I would be saddened by the death of the console.

swishersweets200311483d ago

@bigboss, i take it out of everything i said the only thing you caught was, friend notifications. No it's not just friend notifications. It's the bugs, the psn issues, the lack of update, the quality of the games. Having to dish out with no choice what so ever on paying for plus to lay my multiplayer games. If you can't see Pc has a better value in the long run that's your problem. My eyes are opened why don't you get off the sony fanboy train and open yours. Pc is going to be the future. I bought a Ps4 last year. So fuck off with your nonesense.

ShinMaster1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Sounds like this is the first time you've bought a console at launch.
I didn't buy a PC when DOS first came out and expected it to have a large library of quality games within months.
How did you buy either console without knowing about the games or online subscription?

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GTXZME1484d ago

PC is PC :D yus it is :D

Mikey Mike1483d ago

Not fact, opinion. Piracy is a huge factor why PCs are the red headed step child of gaming.

SteamPowered1483d ago

Steam games are so cheap and accessible that it makes Pirating moot.

killer4fun531483d ago

Free is cheaper then cheap just saying

Perjoss1483d ago

Cheap is more legal than 'free'.

SteamPowered1483d ago

As a reformed pirate I can tell you this, with drm and keygens, I spent more time dicking around than I would care to admit. Or....I could wait 3 months after the game releases and buy a it at a third of the price on Steam. If I waited 6 months, I could get the game for under $10.

Pandamobile1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Piracy is pretty much a non-issue these days. Of course it's still going to happen. There's no way to stamp out piracy on an open platform like PC, but it's not something developers really worry about these days.

The only people who really drone on about piracy in 2014 are console dudes looking for an excuse to disparage the platform.

People who buy games (here's looking at the 100,000,000 active Steam users) will continue to buy games. People who pirate games will continue to pirate games until they reach the point at which it actually becomes more convenient to buy them legally, which in many cases isn't an option. The Russian, Eastern European and South American markets are still maturing and growing. Most of these people are playing free multiplayer games like Warface, DOTA2 and LoL, which makes piracy effectively non-existent.

Ippiki Okami1483d ago

"here's looking at the 100,000,000 active Steam users"

LOL. That is such BS. Just because people have steam installed doesn't mean they actually use it(Like me). The new steam store removed the player counter the day they announced they had reached "100 million users". So no one can prove or disprove it. If you look at day one game sales on PC you'd see it's last compared to console game sales. The biggest PC exclusive day z only sold 800,000 copies day one on steam. If this article were true there would be no console market now. Not to mention the Witcher 3 has an exclusive console collector's edition rather than a PC version. Apparently that dev cares more about the console market than the PC market.

What has increased is more kids are playing on pc now and that's because they think they can be in the "PC elite" and/or "PC master race". This new brand of elitism is now used as a badge of honor by some in gaming.

anticlimax1482d ago

What if I told you most pc gamers don't own a 1000$ pc. They're not considering themselves master anything. They have a pc or laptop for work or school, and they play games on it at low settings.

PLus, if you've ever read, heard or seen an interview with CDPR (The Witcher) you would know that they are first and foremost pc gamers.

zero_gamer1483d ago

A lot of piracy comes from China and Russia. It isn't as much of an issue in US and other first world countries.

JsonHenry1483d ago

Piracy is basically a non-issue. PC sales and revenue continue to rise over the last decade. Steam/Origin/Uplay and constantly connected online games are basically making piracy too big of a hassle for the average pirate. Add overall lower prices than console as well as free online and Steam sales and piracy just isn't worth it for the average person.

Especially not when you can play free games on steam, earn rare in game drops, and sell them for real world money to purchase other games on Steam the market is literally finding its way to avoid all but the most hardcore of game pirates.

Chrischi19881483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Lol no. Sorry, but with the way most games are made for online gaming, piracy wont work with that. But do you know where it did for quite some time? On consoles. You guys act like there is only piracy on PCs, but actually, once set up, it is just as easy and offers even more access, even to online gaming, as it is almost impossible to do on PCs. Piracy is worse on consoles, especially from a business perspective of a company providing games.

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SteamPowered1483d ago

I was converted in January from a hard core Console lover to a Pc nut. My friend got me acquainted with Steam and I have never looked back. Pc gaming is gaining momentum, but Steam has been its biggest backer. Steam has the best selection, a rich MP system, in-home game streaming, family sharing...I could go on and on. SO much service for Free!! Truly a golden age of gaming.

BG115791483d ago

But weren't you a reformed pirate? It's on an answer up there for Killer.
"As a reformed pirate I can tell you this, with drm and keygens, I spent more time dicking around than I would care to admit. Or....I could wait 3 months after the game releases and buy a it at a third of the price on Steam. If I waited 6 months, I could get the game for under $10. "

So which one is the lie?

The_HarryEtTubMan1483d ago

I still play my PS4, but I built my PC last summer and it is the premier way to game.

The glorious Master Race is alive and well!

Eonjay1483d ago

My PC is amazing and one day it should become self aware and ultimately kill us all. But that being said, I do prefer to game on my large screen and my StormScout would look odd in the living room.

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