EGX London 2014 Picks - What We're Looking Forward To Playing

IM PLAYIN discusses the games they're looking forward to playing this weekend at EGX London.

"his Friday and Saturday, some of the IM PLAYIN team will be at the EuroGamer Expo, London – and we’re really excited for it. We were at EGX last year, too, and there’s something magical about the event. The atmosphere is fantastic and, in the most part, the games are fantastic too. Everyone’s there for a good time, which is why EGX is one of my favourite gaming events on the calendar. Last year, the event was all about the current-gen (then next-gen) consoles, and Romnomnom and I had the opportunity to play the Xbox One (and queue to play the PS4) as well as a chance to get our hand on fantastic games like Dying Light, LEGO Marvel Superheroes, Wolfenstein and Rise. This year, it’ll be much more focused on the games and a little less about the consoles, which I’m quite looking forward to. So here is a quick list of the games that we’re really looking forward to playing this weekend, and I’m sure we’ll be writing a lot about them over the coming weeks"

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