Gamers With Gains – Triforce Training

Have you ever wanted to build up a strong and fit body while still playing online matches of Call of Duty as much as you want? Want to know what the best kinds of foods and drinks to help make your game skills better overall are? This is where I come in to help you out.

I bring to you knowledge and wisdom to help you not only develop a stronger, more fit body, but also embrace and blend together your passion for playing video games, watching anime, and doing everything Otaku with living stronger. This is when you come to me and together can become Gamers With Gains.

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ind1fference1575d ago

I have been giving some serious thought to doing more workouts. Your videos are convicting me...thanks.

Venomousfatman1575d ago

Any time. Hope you keep watching the videos and getting some good info and ideas on how to approach building up your body. Hopefully me blending together both gaming and fitness in the way I am helps you out a ton.

MrKennedy1575d ago

This is a good video about how not to be a pie.

Venomousfatman1575d ago

LoL. I dont think people are going to become pies. LoL. But my vids will help them out in becoming stronger gamers.