PixelJunk Eden as a testing ground for future PS3 tech

Before PixelJunk Monsters went online Q Games developed a series of tech demos for the PSP and tinkered with 3D ducks for the PlayStation 3 visual showcase. The Kyoto based studio is comfortable toying with new technology. PixelJunk Eden continues the trend. Q Games is equipping the game with rumble, remote play, YouTube video sharing, and for the first time ever mysterious "trophies". Q Games is also experimenting with Baiyon, a Japanese multimedia artist, for the soundtrack, but that's for another article.


Looking into the future, it's going to be interesting to see if third parties embrace these unique features after pioneers like Q Games try them.

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Silogon3777d ago

These are some of the most talented PS3 developers around. I wish these guys nothing but success cause I've enjoyed both their games a great deal on the PSN and look forward to more from them.

CrashSharc3777d ago

I don't think anybody can deny that PSN has some of the most original titles on consoles (although few). I simply can't wait for PJ Eden. It looks totally cool. I can so imagine playing this to some Pink Floyd ;)

iHEARTboobs3777d ago

I like the way you think! Turn the lights down low, pop in some Floyd, pack a bowl if you're into that, and play some PixelJunk Eden. haha good times.

Lanontscuz3777d ago

i can not wait till Eden comes out looks like a very relaxing game to play...