Japan debuts 3-D TV

Hyundai is offering -- in Japan only -- the first product for watching the 3-D programs that cable stations in Japan now broadcast about four times a day.

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Orange Juice4706d ago

I have the feeling that this will be the new thing (if not the new gimmick) in the next generation of games. Even if its not, the 3d cable is probably awesome. Best wait for the sony brand though, i like their tv's.

player9114706d ago

This is nothing new to gaming. I owned a set of glasses like those (I still do) that I bought back when I had my original Geforce 1

The image is simply doubled the glasses darken 1 eye at a time in rapid session. I used to play the first UT with those. They still work great but lead to headaches after an hour of use.

I think I only paid like $100 for the wireless glasses and they're no bigger then what he has on.

Nitrowolf24706d ago

holy sh1t im never going to get this unless the have those glasses at a lower price. Almost 4,000 for them

Eromu4706d ago

That's nearly $4,000 for the TV and two pairs of glasses, not $4,000 for a pair of glasses...

Kakkoii4706d ago

This is only one kind of 3D-TV.

And it's the cheap, nothing new type.. Uses technology that's been used for ages. (stereoscopy)

The real 3D-TV's that will be coming out use Voxels. So you don't need glasses. Each pixel sends out light at a bunch of angles at once. So as you move your head, the perspective changes to. Thus being true 3D-TV.

travelguy2k4706d ago

could't we turn our old rear projo's into 3-d televisions just by miss-alaigning the 3 different guns in the back. I mean it would have to be done in a very specific manner, but is it possible as long as we had those blue and red glasses?

I'm sure its not but i will have to check it out.

juandren4706d ago

I love 3D. Best 3D experience ever imo was the Spider-Man 3D at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL

ChickeyCantor4706d ago

Ive seen a 3-d tv in action( the one that doesnt need some glasses).
CGI movies looked awesome, but then i saw some clips of 300...the Fakeness of 3d animated objects merged with Live action couldnt look more fake ....

Hope they have something for that because the object flying at me looked cheap as hell >_<
Shrek was awesome though XD

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The story is too old to be commented.