Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is 1080p/30fps on both PS4 & Xbox One

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition will run at 1080p/30fps on both PS4 and Xbox One, Square Enix has confirmed to

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cruzngta2494d ago

Nice 2 see XB1 hitting 1080p 4 this game - not surprised PS4 hitting 1080p as usual. Good 4 everybody getting the game.

Benjammin252494d ago

I'm a bit pissed it's not running at 60fps to be honest. This is a last gen game after all.

Play2Win2494d ago

you cant just run everything with 60 fps just because it is remastered and you have a next gen system. Keeping 60 fps costs so much power and with 30 fps the image quality is better for ps4 and xbox one. a fully implemented constant 30 fps with nice sharp 1080p and nice aa is something I prefer in this type of game.

frostypants2494d ago

@Play2Win, LOL at people disagreeing with you. These kids don't understand that FPS, like everything else, comes at a cost to other graphical aspects. They assume that 1080p and 60fps must be possible no matter what lighting effects, textures, etc. are used. Welcome to N4G...where reason goes to die.

TardcoreGamer2494d ago

Better luck next-gen, I guess.

Blastoise2494d ago

Sleeping Dogs - Lazy cash-in edition

D-riders2494d ago

@Frostypants just so you know we know that the game would take a graphical hit to do 60fps. But we also know that the Xbox is a weaker system than the ps4 so when last Gen games are made equal it seems the dev wanted parity of the systems and since I didn't buy a ps4 to have my games play equal to xbox1. The game won't be getting supported.

DevilOgreFish2494d ago

Benjammin25 - "I'm a bit pissed it's not running at 60fps to be honest. This is a last gen game after all."

XB1 and PS4 gamers aren't really getting the last gen version of this game. they're getting a similar version to PC which featured the Ultra HD Texture pack, as well as other elevated settings.

Army_of_Darkness2494d ago

After buying and playing Tomb raider, metro redux and the last of us remastered which were all running at 1080p/ 60fps, it makes me feel very disappointed to hear this and won't be getting this game since it's not much of an improvement from the last gen version....

DoctorJones2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

'@Play2Win, LOL at people disagreeing with you. These kids don't understand that FPS, like everything else, comes at a cost to other graphical aspects. They assume that 1080p and 60fps must be possible no matter what lighting effects, textures, etc. are used. Welcome to N4G...where reason goes to die. '

And yet old frostypants will tell pc gamers that owning a gaming pc isn't worth it :P


frostypants - 'Pcs aren't as optimised as consoles, blah blah blah'

CoLD FiRE2494d ago

Don't worry, you'll be able to play it at 1080p/60 next gen when they release a re-remaster of it. Alternatively, you could've built a gaming PC 2 years ago and played at 1080p/60 :)

LookAtYou2494d ago

Been playing it with 60 fps since it came out 2 years ago. PC bruh! Don't let Microsoft and Sony control how your multiplat games play and look, free yourself from their dictatorship.

starchild2494d ago


Well, to be fair, Tomb Raider doesn't really run at 60fps most of the time either. It mostly runs in the 50s and 40s in outdoor areas. But it's easily one of the very best looking games on the PS4 so that is still a pretty nice framerate to be hitting.

starchild2494d ago


Yeah, I've been playing the game at 60fps maxed out for a long time. It plays really well and looks fantastic. I really appreciate being able to get the framerate and graphical fidelity that I want. That's one of the things I love about PC gaming.

Still, this should be a nice upgrade for those that only own a new gen console.

gameon19852494d ago

Then don't buy the damn game, plain and simple.

Dynasty20212494d ago

There's nothing next-gen about the new consoles, they're not powerful enough.

This is being proven by every game being forced to run at 30 FPS instead of 60.

It's quite pathetic how manage games are still at 30 FPS. We're pushing a year since release on systems more like PCs than ever before, using the same coding.

If they haven't perfected it by now they never will.

But it's also no doubt part of the "sequel" design where the sequel suddenly has 60 FPS and makes everyone drool and buy it.

I imagine they're deliberately making games 30 FPS these days so that they can get "better" through the console's lifetime.

Otherwise all we'd do is moan that we're stuck with 60 FPS etc.

pompous2493d ago

Why?? The pc version wasn't running at 60fps with gpus with similar power as the ps4 or xbox while running way more powerful cpus.. So what makes you think these consoles will hit that especially on an open-world game??? We have 1080p tv's in our living rooms lets enjoy games at that resolution since we barely got 720p last gen. Even if the game was held back to get 1080p on xbox instead of 60fps on ps4(hypothetical) I don't care because we all get to enjoy true 1:1 resolution.

marioJP872493d ago

Dude, it's on half as$ next gen consoles, not PC. You cant run everything at 60 FPS because its remastered from last gen. Plus, it's an open world game.

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DeadRabbits2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Great achievement for the xbone! Just hope the ps4 was not gimped out of 60fps!

TimeSkipLuffy2494d ago

If it had been possible to do 60fps on PS4 easy and fast, they would have done that.

DoctorJones2494d ago

But they couldn't because it wasn't powerful enough. A real shame.

TheHunter812494d ago

Any last gen remastred game should be able to hit 1080 on next gen consoles.

bandit9052494d ago

i rather have 900p and 60fps

Volkama2494d ago

It's not so simple. You can't necessarily half the render time of a frame by dropping the resolution a bit.

frostypants2494d ago

@bandit905, why do you assume it could run at 60fps at 900p?

bandit9052494d ago

@frost, just assumed cause its been done before in other games

SonyKong642494d ago

any day of the week 🙌

starchild2494d ago

Dropping from 1080p to 900p will only gain you around 15% extra performance, but doubling the framerate from 30fps to 60fps requires literally double the performance, i.e. 50% more from the hardware.

Dropping from 1080p to 720p would get you closer, but it still wouldn't generally be enough.

pompous2493d ago

I wouldn't... I don't want to take a hit on AA, textures, SHADOWS, etc just for 60fps. I like the games looking good, but if those features take a hit so does image quality. I willing to bet a big majority here complaining about this " I rather have 900 or 720 @ 60 don't even own pc's capable of that and are just straight up bandwagon jumpers.

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Fizzler2494d ago

11 people disagree that it's nice to see Xbox One hitting 1080p.
Why am I not surprised.

Ripsta7th2494d ago

They think xbox is holding back the ps4 version

Fizzler2494d ago

Nah they're just used to feeling so special, and when the Xbox One can also pull of 1080p it angers them, seriously if resolution is such a big deal to some people then why not switch to PC gaming, which is capable of resolutions many generations ahead of the current-gen consoles, and if resolution isn't a big deal to you then stop bashing the Xbox One and treating it like a vastly inferior console, the PS4 isn't only slightly more powerful, I own a PS4 only but that doesn't mean Sony has complete control over my mind and my ability to reason, something I cannot say for many people on this site.

larrysdirtydrawss2494d ago

it takes away man power/time from the ps4 obviously, thus not given the ps4 the full/better treatmet it could have gotten...and the xone is easily inferior,look at the spec sheet.. look at similar games in the same genre like the order vs ryse,the order looks much better and doesnt have a framerate that stays at 19fps,and it actually has physics in it.

look at infamous vs sunset overdrive,infamous stomps its teeth down its throat..

tomorrows children looks like a pixar movie and is being heavily gpgpu compute exploited,nothing on the xone compares to its sexyness..

the power is certainly there,those games above show the 50% difference in the overall power when taken advantage of

ThunderPulse2494d ago

More Parity BS.....Great(sarcasm).

Plagasx2494d ago

If You really want 60fps just get the PC version :)

yezz2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

So you guarantee that if I buy the PC version I can run it 1080p or 900p/60fps on my machine?

CoLD FiRE2494d ago


I can guarantee you to run it at 1080p/60 if you buy/build a decent gaming PC.

starchild2494d ago


No, but if you buy the PC version the choice will always be in YOUR hands what framerate and graphical fidelity you get.

There is only one version of a PC game from a software point of view, the quality you get is always up to you.

tee_bag2422493d ago

Tell me about it. It's pretty sad I was running this game 2 years ago with the HD Texture pack at 1080p 60fps. 2 years later these new consoles can't even make it half way there.

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deSSy27242494d ago

1080p and 30 FPS on both consoles.... yes but why in the hell is everyone forgetting the much more important thing when it comes to overall graphics? Now, we all know PS4 is stronger than X1, so, the PS4 version should have better AA, textures and stuff....

1080p alone is shit... graphics details/settings are alot more important

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hello122494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Should be easy enough to hit 1080p been last gen games.

For whatever reason some dev's are still having a hard time with the x box 1 architecture.

Blizzard, Bungie were going to release their games at a lower resolution, but Microsoft stepped in to help them. So the x box 1 has the juice, but some devs like for whatever reason can't seem to pull out it off.

I expect that's what happening with Lord of the Fallen. Rumour has it also Microsoft had to step in again for the next Call of Duty. Microsoft seems to know things about its console devs haven't figured out yet.

[email protected] 1080p isn't going to be an easy task for the x box 1. The PS4 does have the better GPU at the moment and the faster memory.

But in saying that i think the x box 1 GPU is better than most people believe. They modified it Microsoft and AMD and it was designed for directx12 and that will be shown to be the case eventually.

You'll find the clues in this

And Phil Spencer saying the x box 1 will be using full directx12 and Nivida have already confirmed full directx12 requires new hardware. So the x box 1 design is lot more complicated than people realise.

The only think holding it back will be the memory and doesn't help with the resolution. Better graphics that's coming.

rarity2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

dude you sound like a cult member or ms employee :/ i mean i know what you mean but jesus man

Codey472494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Yeah, "The cult of the dead Xbone"

Oh, he had to go and mention teh DirectX12


I really apologise but I've never heard of NIVIDA...does that make you an NvIDIOT? :P

Also, the statement I have emphasised in uppercase letters is a huge contradiction. On that bombshell the Xbones f$%ked then according to NIVIDIA, sorry, Nvidia.

"Really? His comment sounds sane to me. I think microsoft needs to better explain how to use their hardware"

Not really....Microsoft need to explain how on earth they manufactured their on die Gpu in conjunction with AMD from parts two years in the future.

dcj05242494d ago

Really? His comment sounds sane to me. I think microsoft needs to better explain how to use their hardware.

rarity2494d ago

"or *a ms employee" (that was gonna bug the crap out of me)

@dcj0524 sane or not he sounds like he migrated from http://misterxmedia.livejou... it's the way he worded his comment. (no offense KNWS)

ABizzel12494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


"Should be easy enough to hit 1080p been last gen games."

Just because a game was on last gen hardware, doesn't mean it's going to run 1080p on a next-gen console, especially when they're using the PC versions of said game. The PS360 console "PORT" for these games are set to 720p and lower in some cases, have every setting turned dow to low and some even have "console textures" which are below even low PC settings at the time, and more often than not they ran at 30fps capped.

The PC version of a game is completely different from the PS360 version. They're using high or ultra settings, full 1080p in resolution and textures (not console textures), Anti Aliasing, and more overall after effects.

It takes about 6x the GPU power to upgrade resolution from 720p -> 1080p + Upgrade graphics settings from low -> high/ultra + add in more processing effects like better shadows, lighting, and Anti Aliasing.

The XBO GPU is around 6x - 7x more powerful than the 360's GPU, and overall the console is 8x more powerful. So Sleeping Dogs sits firmly where it belongs on the XBO, 1080p @ 30fps locked, High Settings (if they did some decent optimization).

However, each game, each engine, and each developer is different. A bigger game demands more power, an unoptimized engine demands more power, and an unskilled/rushed developer can't obtain the best performance out of the hardware.

"The PS4 does have the better GPU at the moment and the faster memory."

The PS4 has the better GPU, and will always have the "overall" faster memory. The "32MB" of eSRAM isn't going to be able to boost "8192MB" of DDR3 the XBO has to a bandwidth of over 180 GB/s, let alone on a consistent basis.

Analogy: The XBO RAM is like 32 waiters trying to serve over 8,000 people bringing them food, drinks, etc..., whereas the PS4 has open buffet lines and you can self serve yourself at any time.

The XBO 8GB of RAM naturally sits at 68GB/s, you're asking for it to nearly triple the bandwidth of the RAM without literally overclocking the RAM to insane levels. It's not going to happen. The XBO GPU is based on the R7 260, and it's memory bandwidth is 96GB/s, which is a feasible goal for MS as well.

There is no magic in these consoles. The XBO has a solid GPU, and compared to PC/Laptop's it's a solid Low-High gaming PC, and a great Mid-High gaming laptop (at the enthusiast level).

If you ever want to see the performance of the XBO just look of the HD 7770 for now, because that's exactly what the XBO is performing on par with due to it being a underclocked R7 260. Next year it should be performing on par with the R7 260, in the future a R7 260x, and ultimately on par with an R7 265.

7770 is exactly where the XBO should be, 7790 is where they should be headed.

Look up all the specs of the XBO, and compare them to the R7 260....nearly identical

bazinga_912494d ago

I love your posts ABizzle1. Bubs for you Sir. :D

cruzngta2494d ago

Yeah I hope that COD is on par with the PS4 version which will most likely be 1080p. If not that would be a little unsettling for many being that XB1 is now the official COD console for tournaments and they have that sweet bundle coming out as well as all dlc first. It would seem to me that MS would go thru hell and high water to ensure 1080p when they have that much riding on the COD horse. I could be wrong but it would just seem poor.

GeraltofRivia2494d ago

WOW!!! 30fps these next gen super duper hardware boxes is incredible.

Nekroo912494d ago

its locked to 30 fps, you also had the option to lock it with the pc version... its an option not a matter of power

Debaitable2494d ago

But if there's not an option to unlock it...

TardcoreGamer2494d ago

BS. They aren't powerful enough to run at a stable 60 so devs locked em at 30.

Assassingamer1362494d ago

It has nothing to do with the hardware, they are just too lazy to optimize it. I find it crazy how infamous second son can hit 1080p and hit most hallmarks of 45fps and that is a next gen game. This game has no excuses whatsoever. They just don't want to take the time to optimize it. The last of us, though not open world, hits 60fps at 1080p but remember despite it not being open world the game has much greater graphical fidelity and the textures are much stronger. This is a cash grab no doubt about it. They see how well the last of us remaster does, tomb raider definitive edition and they know gta V remaster will do well so they decide to follow the same trend

IWentBrokeForGaming2494d ago

If last gen games can't hit 1080p on Next Gen consoles that are connected to Tvs that have been capable of 1080p for over a decade... That's be pathetic! Common sense would say 1080p should be standard at this point!

bazinga_912494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Totally agree with you there mate.

Why haven't Nixxes done the ps4 port like TR:DE?

Death2494d ago

No doubt. Higher quality textures aren't the future, it's all about native resolution. I don't know why Microsoft and Sony even included an upscaler in the hardware when everyone knows that native res trumps better textures any day. I don't even want to get started about new ways to interact with entertainment or ways to make gaming more immersive. Graphics make a game next gen, everything else is just an excuse to not make graphics the focal point.

LostDjinn2494d ago

Nice strawman ya got goin' there Death.
None of your rant addresses what you're responding to. You're simply trying to move the goalposts while avoiding addressing the issue.

I look forward to your edit.

Death2494d ago


Anyway, the goalposts are set where you want them, not me. I want both systems to struggle hitting 1080p natively. Native resolution is a joke and in no way impacts gaming. GT on the PS3 runs at 1080p native. The cardboard cutouts in Forza on the Xbox One are 1080p native. 1080p native does not improve texture quality, it limits it. I want better textures that need the upscaler since that is what the upscaler was made to do.

What makes gaming next gen to you? If it is 1080p native graphics then I respect that. To me 1080p native is irrelevant. I want games that are more immersive. I want a story that makes me care about the characters. Destiny is the latest game that shows graphics alone don't make a game. Titanfall's biggest crutch is the lack of story. With all the focus on native resolution game development is regressing. Your goalposts are doing that, not mine.

XabiDaChosenOne2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

"What makes gaming next gen to you? If it is 1080p native graphics then I respect that. To me 1080p native is irrelevant."
You are so transparent that its insulting you think nobody can see you subliminally damage controlling for the Xbox one and resolution gate. What is the point of better textures if the image quality looks like crap? What is the point of better Graphics if the image quality looks like crap? This is why resolution is important, great graphics and textures are ALMOST irrelevant if the picture/image quality is not clean/clear.
"With all the focus on native resolution game development is regressing. Your goalposts are doing that, not mine."
Using the term Goalpost in a completely different context than original presented in to counter his point is yet another display of an intellectually lazy strawman argument.