Looking back to 2014 and the arrival of Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

Richard writes: "Whilst Sleeping Dogs originally released in August 2012, today we are looking at the 5-year anniversary of the Definitive Edition of the game, which launched on current gen systems two years later. If nothing more, it is a great excuse to look back at one of the finest examples of an open-world game. But first, we need to go back even further... to 2003."

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Ratchet75714d ago

At first glance, I thought it was just a gta clone, but I soon realized this was so much more. The fighting and shooting mechanics are way more fun than Gta imo.

isarai714d ago

This IPs death is one of the greatest losses of my gaming lifetime. Such a well crafted game with insane potential killed only by unrealistic goals set by Square Enix.

blackblades714d ago

I remember the live action trailer so good. I did platinum it and re-bought it on ps4. Hope they have a sequel considering the ending made it seem like theres more to the story.