Why gamers don't want to return to the WII genre in Call of Duty 5

NextGEN Gamers looks at the complaints sweeping the web that going back to WWII for call of Duty 5 is out of touch with what gamers want.

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butterfinger4597d ago

to return to Treyarch either. So much for COD5 being a first day buy for me.

Ice2ms4597d ago

Ye Compared To Infinity Wards COD 4 Treyarch are going to have big shoes to fill like size 200 shoes !

ScottEFresh4597d ago

For me it won't be a buy at all. Going back to the WW2 genre is like having a brand new Viper and then going back to the very first model. No one in their right mind would do why do that with a great franchise?

Mikelarry4597d ago (Edited 4597d ago )

call of duty 4 was my first and with the way things are looking soon to be my last call of duty game i will be paying for. untill infinity ward picks up the series again. it still amazes me that after the outcry they are still going on with the project, thinking or gamers dont know any better what we tell them is what they gonna listen to. well good luck to cod5 it shall not be getting no business from me

Alcohog4597d ago

Whats the WII genre, I'm not familiar with that one.

jtucker784596d ago

I don't think he wants to go back to a COD where there's a Wii version.
Like COD3

vilmer4597d ago (Edited 4597d ago )

I really don't mind the WW2 "genre", that is unless it is done right. Games such as MOHAA, COD etc were absolutely fantastic and are still fun to this day. People get bored with WW2, but at the same time fighting in the middle east is starting to run it's course as well... We'll see what happens with COD5 ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.