10 Forgotten Playstation Classics That Would Sell Millions

In modern gaming, many gamers constantly accuse developers of lacking innovation. We’re somewhat lost at the moment amidst a sea of constant sequels but – as has been proven recently by Tomb Raider – the right team, and the right idea, can do wonders for revitalising a tired franchise.

Why couldn’t the same be done for a lot of Sony’s older properties that lie forgotten to the march of time? These guys were all at one time somewhat successful, with the right team (and Sony has plenty of great first-party studios to choose from), the right marketing and a good dose of hype, there’s no reason why most of these titles couldn’t sell in the millions and create an old, yet brand new franchise.

It’s time to bring these gems back.

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Mankey3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Tweet at @giocorsi @amboyes @shahidkamel and @rohdescott, they're in charge of getting games, first and third party on PlayStation, they may be able to help with some of these

UltimateMaster3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

10-Crash Bandicoot. (But only if it's done by Sony)
8-Wild 9
6-Jak and Daxter
5-Dino Crisis
4-Syphon Filters
3-Soul Reaver
1-The Gateway

IMO, there's a lot more classics that should be revived.

xHeavYx3179d ago

Man, Tenchu was such a good game back in the day. A next gen Tenchu game would be amazing

Magicite3179d ago

Dino Crysis sequel (not crap like was 3rd), would be awesomeness.

morganfell3179d ago

As regards Soul Reaver, 2 and Defiance you will never, ever, ever, not ever, duplicate that voice cast. And the great Tony Jay has already passed away. So unless they plan on reusing the current tracks, just leave it alone.

cell9893179d ago

Tenchu was amazing back the, those lethal stealth kills were awesome. One franchise that MUST make a comeback IS Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver. The scary part is that lately Square Enix has been sleeping with MS, and Square Enix owns the right for that game, would be sad if a game was planned and MS secured exclusive rights I hope if it does materialize at least it becomes multiplat

cell9893179d ago

Soul Reaver had some of the BEST voice acting ever BTW

Major_Glitch3179d ago

@Heavy Agreed. This gen is crying out for a good stealth game. And a new Tenchu would do just the trick.

metalmatters3178d ago

I really want a new Tenchu game, there has yet to be a game capable of matching the game's ninja stealth gameplay. Its long overdue. Imagine a Tenchu game with todays standards for graphics and animations. I want!!

user65409483178d ago

I loved tenchu and still own the first one to this day.

For all you stealth fans looking for a fix, check out:

-Stealth Inc
-MGS HD Collection
-The Last of Us (play it on hard or survival for some of the best A.I. you ever seen)
-Splinter Cell Blacklist

But man we need a new tenchu!!!

soniqstylz3178d ago

Also, with Soul Reaver, Amy Hennig is no longer with CD or Sony. She was the one who wrote and directed those.

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breakpad3179d ago

the article makes a mistake Crash Teaam Racing was also a Naughty Dog game , they didnt make three games-they made four games (1,2,3,,CTR) and then gave it away

Relientk773179d ago

Legend of Dragoon
Syphon Filter
Jak & Daxter
Soul Reaver
Breath of Fire

TH3BR3W3179d ago


I want legend of dragoon and alundra those would be fantastic.

Nekroo913178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

Legend of dragoon would be awsome, dont know if people would buy it. Not mainstream enough for todays market.

When games like watchdogs break selling records and Ni no kuni doesent

Snookies123178d ago

At your above question, the Timesplitters he's talking about is the fan-made one. Though, it was done with Crytek's blessing, and was even getting help from them on some stuff. So, there's that at least!

BikerBeast3179d ago

I would love to see these relaunched especially Soul Reaver!

Goku7813179d ago

Ive been saying that for the longest!

Codey473179d ago

I've been saying it longer than you= FACT!!!!!!!!!

How I yearn for a LoK/Soul Reaver prequel, sequel.

It probably wont be the same without Amy Hennig nor Tony Jay.. But I'd still purchase it.

BoriboyShoGUN3179d ago

I'm telling you Soul Reaver!!!!! One of my all time favorites. If your going to make garbage why not just redo some Classics!!!

Aleithian3179d ago

Soul Reaver with the same music and voices - I would pay a small fortune to play that on next gen.

UnwanteDreamz3179d ago

There have been 10 cancled LoK games since the series started the last was a PS3 game cancled by Square Enix in 2012. Im a huge fan and it sucks to think more LoK may never happen.

Pozzle3179d ago

Wow. I had no idea that there have been 10 cancelled LoK games. I heard that the script for the Defiance sequel had been completed and some concept art had been drawn up, but it got scrapped when Defiance didn't get high enough sales. :(

chrissx3179d ago

A blood omen and soul reaver relaunch would be of the hook

Mikefizzled3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Whilst undoubtedly classics I doubt most could sell millions on name alone. Crash, Timesplitters and Dino Crisis being the possible few. Hell most of these did get follow ups after their hay day and almost all of them flopped.

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