Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Review [Game Rant]

Read Game Rant's review of ‘Disney Infinity: (2.0 Edition)’ to find out if the addition of Marvel Super Heroes can improve upon last year’s game.

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Macdaddy711489d ago

That's not good was looking to buy for grandson, was really hoping it would turn out ok

Baka-akaB1489d ago

well check out other sites then . From what's seen the consensus was actually pretty good elsewhere .

ANd everyone agrees it's a huge step up from the first versions , some dare say even enough to be called 3.0

eaise1489d ago

This game is worth the buy. I disagree with this article a lot. The playsets are enjoyable and although the toy box has a steep learning curve in the beginning its still easier than the first game. Skill trees are awesome they make your character feel one of a kind. I would recommend this game highly.

GoPanthers9991489d ago

This is another overhyped, super average game. Does nothing new and nothng well. Bland drab colors and graphics on next gen. They should be ashamed of the polished marketing graphics they show as they are not representative of actual next gen graphics.