Wasteland 2 Free Guide and Walkthrough - How to Survive Arizona and L.A.

Josh Hawkins (Prima Games): One could say that Wasteland 2 is 25 years in the making, since the original title led to the creation of the Fallout series. Now it’s finally here! Developed by inXile and backed by over 61,000 users on Kickstarter, Wasteland 2 sends players to a world born from a cult classic, but the desert is a harsh place, and beating the game is no easy feat.

There are many dangers to face, like raiders and radiation zones, not to mention the possibility of ending up stranded in the white washed sands of the Wastelands without any water. Stay ahead of the dry throat and radiation sickness with Prima’s free guide and walkthrough, and make the most of your time in Wasteland 2.

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