15 Of The Best Turn-Based RPG's Of All Time

While this genre became nearly extinct in the mid-2000s, they’ve made a strong comeback as of recent. Here are a few turn-based RPGs, both old and new, that you have to play if you want to find out what this genre has to offer.

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Zeldafan64353d ago

Xenoblade isn't turn based and neither is Chrono Trigger if you set the combat to active before starting the game.

someone72353d ago

But chrono is still turn based, atleast thats my experience as I didnt set it to active.

Gardenia353d ago

Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Suikoden II, Vagrant Story

PoSTedUP353d ago

vagrant story was great but kinda short. love that game. definitely in my top 10.

jreeves82353d ago

Anybody else notice that they mentioned Grandia yet the picture they chose to show was from Grandia 2?!

PoSTedUP353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

grandia is one of my all time favorites. along with breath of fire1, cronocross, xenogears, suidoken2, legend of dragoon, ff6 etc. glad they mentioned it. very underrated!

PoSTedUP353d ago

lol idk how that slipped my mind. its my #1 jrpg turnbased game and game of all time.

someone72353d ago

Interesting list, but as with all lists, its highly subjective. Personally, ffix is the third worst in the series behind x-2 and xiii, i dont see xcom as an rpg, and id have included lunar 1 or 2(sega cd versions) over 90% of whats here.

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The story is too old to be commented.