Rocksmith goes Next-Gen in November

Today Ubisoft announced the release of Rocksmith 2014 for both Xbox One and Playstation 4!

As discovered by lifelower in the previous speculative article, the DLC will be forward compatible by simply re-downloading through the store marketplace. Congratulations to UbisoftSF on transferring all those licenses!

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XBLSkull1511d ago

Since next gen only has digital audio outs I wonder how they will reduce audio lag, maybe a USB audio out?

Skate-AK1511d ago

It says in the article if you read it.

LOL_WUT1511d ago

Seems like a lot of big titles are releasing this November the more games the better! Also sad to see theres no Iron Maiden ;)

marloc_x1511d ago

Killers is my favorite.No, Seventh Son..wait..too hard!

CaptainYesterday1511d ago

Actually there's a Iron Maiden 5 Pack that released in November.

NeoGamer2321511d ago

Everything is awesome!

Glad that Rocksmith is coming to nextgen platforms! Love the game...

Highlife1511d ago

Would love to get some Volbeat