Ex-Psygnosis Devs Release Debut Teaser Trailer For WipeOut's Spiritual Successor

R8 Games – a team consisting of former Psygnosis members – has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming spiritual successor to WipeOut, Formula Fusion.

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nX1486d ago

Don't know what to think of this... it looks like Wipeout but with obviously low production value. I loved the series but I don't think that they have the resources to make a great spiritual >successor<.
Just team up with Sony and bring us a real Wipeout :/

Roccetarius1485d ago

Yeah, the game does seem to be lacking something. Maybe it's just me, but the game seems to be lacking speed, not to mention turning seems to be like a tank.

It's wishful thinking, but i hope someone creates a Rollcage successor some day.

darthv721485d ago

the trailer is rather limited in the scope of presenting actual gameplay. i saw bits of gameplay but more cutscene and scematics.

the final game may present that sensation of speed that AG games are known for. Im a fan of the original as well as the spin offs and copycats (fast league racing is really well done).

This game looks promising.

3-4-51485d ago

Wipeout has always been good so Hopefully this is as well.

Orbertron1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Oh to the fuck yes, day one on my Pc and XB1, I've got all this WipeOut money burning a hole in my pocket.

And why would they do that, when Sony was the one that close them down studio liverpool (Psygnosis), some stayed to make DriveClub and the rest went on to do this, it may not be as good as WipeOut HD Fury but it cant be as bad as WipeOut Pure, my gosh WipeOut Pure was shit.

BitbyDeath1485d ago

Troll again son, Xbox don't like Indies. They tell me all the time.

Orbertron1485d ago

1) Can please explain how am i "Troll"ing, i would make it fairly obvious and to the point if i was, i am hyped for this game and i will buy it on all platforms if needed to support them,

2) i did not know you could talk to inanimate objects that must come in handy being a technical Doctor Dolittle,

And 3) How old are you to call me "son" lol

BitbyDeath1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

1. You are saying you will buy it on every platform except PS4, now given the history of the devs and the it being a spiritual successor to a Playstation franchise it sounds trollish to me.

2. I have many talents.

3. 30 something. :-p

darthv721485d ago be fair, he didnt say anything about "not" buying it for the PS4. he said PC and XB1 so it can be somewhat deduced that maybe he only has the XB1 in regards to current consoles.

Then he said he would buy it on all platforms if need be. Thus it could be deduced he would likely get a PS4 and this game to make good on that claim.

Now, wipeout may be synonymous with the PS brand but it was also on the saturn and there have been other games of similar nature to grace other systems. Quantum redshift for xbox and fast league racing for the wii come to mind.

So if this team is releasing it for the pc and ps4 and xb1 and people buy it for their system of choice...great. More love for the team behind the original title.

Orbertron1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Well I'm not trolling just in excitement i just said the platforms I am most likely to buy this game for,i only buy curtain games for PS,

@darthv72 and @Zenith4k
Thanks, i said nothing derogatory and nor would i on N4G, but because i did not say their platform of choice I've got t make them feel better and tell them i have a playstation, come on N4G you're better then that

i said some stayed to make DriveClub witch made Evolution studios, if Firesprite had announced a project that they are working on i would have included them too.

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Zenith4k1485d ago

Your right on all accounts mate and personally I agree with you that your not trolling considering the article has all platforms in it !!! The only people I see trolling are ps fan boys for calling it out in the first place. Watch this space and a million disagrees and probably 2 less bubbles ( ps to disagrees I own a ps4 ) but iv seen more playstation user shout. Out that there getting. This on their "playstion". On a last not I'm a gamer not and idiot if the games good so be it but that does look week

SoapShoes1485d ago

Some went to Evolution and most went to Firesprite that currently have a game in development for Sony platforms. Get your facts straight.

Godmars2901485d ago

Looks nice, but the tracks seem far more narrow than what Wipeout offered.

GodGinrai1485d ago

Whats the point in leaving sony if you are just going to make a game that resembles the old one you made for them?

Roccetarius1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

They didn't leave sony, though. They were just not useful to them anymore.

Blank1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Hmm looks interesting and worth keeping an eye on. What I dont like so far is the design of the vehicles, also I dont really like the title of the game but still ill keep tabs see how it comes out in the end.

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