Rumor: Dark Cloud 3 being developed for PS3 exclusively

According to Italian Playstation magazine PSMania, Level 5 who are currently working on White Knight Chronicles which is due out later this year are rumored to also be working on Dark Cloud 3 which will release exclusively on the Playstation 3 in 2009.

The translated article states

"One of our infiltrates, has revealed that Level 5 is working on a new Dark Cloud exclusively for the PlayStation 3. This title will come out in March of 2009, and will be developed using a new open-technology, the Japanese style "Kumo Engine"

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Silogon3776d ago

Sony owns the ip, of course it would be exclusive. Also, I remember someone from this site said this awhile back.

resistance1003776d ago

Really? Didn't know that, have a bubble

shine13963776d ago (Edited 3776d ago ) how can one say that ps3 is getting shafted with the rpgs, if the console is getting both final fantasys, white knight chronicles and now Dark Cloud 3. oh...erm, doesn't sony own the ip or something?

Veryangryxbot3776d ago

Thats like stating that Shadow of the colossus 2 is exclusive. Well DUH.

Fighter3776d ago

It's the equivalent of saying Gears of War will never come to the PS3 because MS owns the IP and publishing rights. I guess this is not really news other than to inform us that Dark Cloud 3 is in the works.

mikeslemonade3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I agree the RPGs coming for PS3 just seem more fun and more interesting. The PS3 RPGs all seem to be doing something different or atleast something hasn't been done to death. Brand love aside i liked Dark Cloud because of city creator and the potential that can be done on the PS3 is huge. White Knight Story is one of the few games that blew me away a year ago when it was first shown at TGS. The way the characters moved i've never seen in a video game before. And FFXIII is obviously going to be good because that is the definitive next iteration of FF.

jtucker783776d ago

Veryangryxbot - Is there going to be a Shadow of the Colossus 2?

I heard the ICO team were working on PS3 titles, but I've heard no news on SotC 2. I hope you're right.

Tomdc3776d ago

neva heard of the game lolz but I do love RPGs so im off to accurate research land! aka Wikipedia!

Jpinter3776d ago

This news is soooo old. I posted this news back in October 07.


Veryangryxbot3776d ago

Team ICO currently working on a new project. They announced nothing. It might be SOTC2 or it might not. Either way, its PS3 exclusive and probably very good.

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SickNick853776d ago

PSMania is the worst italian magazine...i don't trust anyone of their rumor...

Xakep3776d ago

Uh that's not that surprising if it were being developed, doesn't Sony own the IP to Dark Cloud anyway?

resistance1003776d ago

Still i wasn't expecting this game to be in the works

superman3776d ago

Dark Cloud 2 was exaxtly like a Zelda game. It was so amazing, i hope its true.

Fighter3776d ago

Dark Cloud 2 was freakin amazing. I like the parts where you would build a little town from scratch to alter the future of the area. One of the best games in the PS2 library.

iamtehpwn3775d ago

But It's intent was to copy Zelda from the start.
I remember Sony saying it was a "Zelda-killer".
When Wind Waker went Celshaded, it was also notable that Dark Cloud 2 decidedly went Celshaded as well.

I would HOPE to high hell that Dark Cloud 3 would return to the original Dark Cloud's gameplay and Art style.

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The story is too old to be commented.