Is Dark Cloud 3 In Development?

DaJuan from Corrupted Cartridge writes "Is Level 5 working on a sequel to their first full-scale RPG, Dark Cloud? It seems highly likely that they are. The last Dark Cloud was titled Dark Chronicle everywhere else except in North America, where it was titled Dark Cloud 2. It came out in 2003 on the PS2, and ever since then we have not heard one peep on a sequel."

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MWH1873d ago

I've been hoping for a long time, and still am.

MWong1873d ago

Please, let it be true. Hell I wouldn't even be mad with a Dark Cloud & Dark Chronicle HD release.

Where do I go to show my support for a DC3 being made?

FamilyGuy1873d ago

More likely to be some upgraded, non-mobile-gaming version of that WonderFlick game they mentioned. Had never seen or heard of that before, just googled it an saw White Knight Chronicles in chibi form in a way. Not in gameplay but in the art style and even environmental themes.

Anyway, any next gen rpg from these guys would be welcomed by me Dark Cloud 3, some other sequel or a new IP. I'm a huge fan of Level-5

phantomexe1873d ago

I would hope this and legend of the dragoon 2.

ThatCanadianGuy5141873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Fond memories of that game.The great music,Fishing, building my town, that badass evil genie.The giant hamster boss..

I don't think i ever actually beat it tho.I remember getting stuck on that Ice queen fight.She was ridiculous.

Would love another next gen DC!

Ragnaarock1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Lol, I remember that fight, i kept dying so i ended up sitting behind a pillar an hitting her with the ranged character in between attacks. That fight lasted all of about 1 hour.

nugnugs1873d ago

And the golf mini game.

e-p-ayeaH1873d ago

Let´s not forget the auto-generated dungeons that was pretty impressive.

Wizziokid1873d ago

please let them make it!

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The story is too old to be commented.