Destiny - Exiled to the Fun Zone

MWEB GameZone writes: "Destiny is fun. What it is not is: well-written, well-paced, smart. It's a glorious shawl on a shambling skeleton: hollow, barebones, and repetitive.

It's troubling when a game this big, with incredible background mechanics and shooting action, is so barren. Draping a cloak of mindless fun over this diminishes both what it could be and what players should expect."

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Sillicur1540d ago

Great read, really enjoyed it.

HanCilliers1539d ago

When so many critics say the same thing, then I guess it's time to listen. Stop trying to defend what's wrong with Destiny. It was over hyped and it failed miserably to meet expectations.

But it's still "fun" - how long that fun will last though is another question.

Eddie201011539d ago

There are more good reviews by nearly twice as many by critics and there are way more positive user reviews than negative, just look at metacritic. People see what they want to see.

GabeSA1539d ago

Like I have said from the beginning, it is a fun game, and it has its moments. Its the first time in a while that i have enjoyed playing online with some gamer buddies. its been a welcome addition for my PS4 since the selection is so sparce. I enjoy it because I never over analysed it, but its not to say that I didnt expect more, which I do but I dont see myself playing this beyond the end of the year. Although I hope that changes with the necessary improvements.

schmoe1539d ago

good read, good game, despite the negative press....

Clown_Syndr0me1539d ago

Its all down to personal preference and perception. For me, Destiny is boring. Just like Minecraft, CoD, BF, Forza etc are to others.

Eddie201011539d ago

A fair statement that doesn't assume that your opinion is the only opinion. Can appreciate that.

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