Faceted Flight demo released with new forest map

The Rift Arcade - Faceted Flight is one of our favourite demos for the DK2.

It’s low-poly, vibrant graphics are perfectly suited to the Rift, merging elements from Star Fox with Wipeout. Now the game has been updated with a brand new new demo that includes a forest map, DirectToRift support and a 3D world menu that shows miniature versions of each map before you play.

It’s a fantastic update. We were immediately struck by the new vibrancy of the graphics. It was colourful before, but now the contrast has been boosted, and the game has a sunset look to the lighting which makes it look even more beautiful. After choosing to start a new game, each level is presented as a miniature diorama, with a tiny animated ship flying around it. It’s a charming touch that adds to the polished feel of the game.

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