FIFA 15 Vs. PES 2015 Demo Review

Gamerscore Whores writes "The FIFA 15 & PES 2015 Demo's do battle, which one is better? This review is fully impartial with the reviewer having bought both titles for many consecutive years and a combined experience of football games since 1990."

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the_dark_one1512d ago

are we seriously doing this now!!!???? reviews of demos?????? what is wrong with you people!!!!

GamerscoreWhores1512d ago

It is listed as an opinion. A demo is the consumers taste of what the full game is like and new hardware versions of football games have been notoriously dicey. I think it's warranted.

nX1512d ago

It is warranted but I don't agree with most of it. If you ask me PES blows FIFA out of the water this year. PES14 was a nightmare but they've made substantial improvements since then and FIFA feels even more like scripted ping pong than last year.

badz1491512d ago

I think you missed the point of this. it's less about the review and more about the gameplay IMO which should be known already from the demos. I have always been a huge FIFA fan all these time but after trying them both this time around, I can't believe that I seriously think that PES is the better game based on what I've played so far. FIFA15 feels "sloppy" if you know what I mean. I think I'm going PES this year.

DeadRabbits1512d ago

I only ever found football games as good as how drunk I was and with who I was playing with!

UltraNova1511d ago

So If you were called to review the PT: Silent hills demo you wouldn't be able to? I mean 10/10 comes to mind pretty much easy within the first 10 mins playing it...

But yeah in the larger scope of things reviewing and over-hyping/condemning a game by its demos is wrong.

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masterfox1512d ago

theres a PES 2015 demo ?, off to PSN!

GamerscoreWhores1512d ago

Only on Hong Kong PSN accounts at the moment.

voodoochild3461511d ago


Yes. I've seen people playing the demo on xbone and ps4. Just make a Hong Kong account and download from the store.

Minimox161511d ago


Thanks :D i will try that

Baka-akaB1512d ago

Both got issues imo , some are the usual same . Gameplay wise , fifa is ok , nice even . But pes allow better controls and you've got less and less the feeling of a completely scripted experience . As always , except games like PES14 were so plagued with technical issues and other stuff , that it wasnt transpiring

iistuii1512d ago

Gotta say I'm impressed with PES this year. It's by far the best version I've played over the other poor attempts they have made over the last few years. I really am considering picking it up as well as Fifa this year. Obviously I can only go by the demo gameplay. I know I'll need an option file but it's nice they've come back & hopefully can build from this.

Baka-akaB1512d ago

i think i'll get both . i'm just worried about one thing , wich is why i'll wait for the first few weeks on pes : modding on the ps4 .

I never had to wonder yet on ps4 ... so i dunno if it will be as easy to mod than the ps3 versions .

Another worry would truly be online , but i mostly play offline with friends , and quite frankly given Konami's horrible track record in online modes for pes , i'm not holding my breath

dodgemoose1512d ago

Fifa 15 demo feels pretty solid to me. I think I'll pick up the full game this year.

OculusRift1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

I don't know what you've played, but 15 (TO ME) feels just like 13. The aside from the graphics bump and animations tweaks, I don't see anything new. PES on the other hand seems to be getting everything right so far.

dodgemoose1511d ago

I haven't played Fifa 13, so I can't judge. I only played the demo version of Fifa 14 and prior to that, I hadn't played Fifa since the PS2 days.

ssj271511d ago

you got to try few hrs of PES15 if you like FIFA15 you will love PES15 is just a much better game in general

dodgemoose1511d ago

When they release it on the store, I will.

TKCMuzzer1512d ago

He says the Fifa animations are better, I have to strongly disagree, even after playing the Fifa demo some of the animations are clunky, yes there are more of them but at times it just looks unnatural and as for the dodgy body models, there are some weird looking players in Fifa and Messi looks a giant when actually playing in game.
The one problem I find with Fifa and always have, there many moments were I feel I have no control, that I can't stop a gaol no matter what. I like Fifa but some of the issues from a couple of years back are still there and instead of sorting them they just add more features. I always love the one where a playing lets the ball come over his head and then somehow manages to chest it down as it goes away from him, classic football video game error.

ssj271511d ago

whoever disagree elaborate please I want to hear why someone theres to disagree with the facts this gentleman has state ..

and obviously the guy who made the video is a jerk.. and don't know what he is talking about.. maybe huge fifa fanboy or paid by EA.. PES15 is far a better game.. fifa is fun yeah but PES15 goes beyond that and there is a obvious reason why they have won every awards ever since gamecom

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