Trauma and tantrums: What's your worst experience playing video games?

Mark from GamersFTW asks what's the worst experience you've had playing video games?

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Yukes3172d ago

Brings back memories of uni days :) Did once punch a wall I got so frustrated. Was either that or destroy a controller. Fortunately I didn't break anything, but unfortunately it was a solid brick wall and my knuckles hurt like s*** afterwards!

c00lvilKid693172d ago

Everyone has felt a little bit furious when they were hit by a blue shell in Mario Kart.

Maple223172d ago

Never injured myself but I do remember crying once because the video game character wouldnt do what I wanted it too... Arrrgghhh the frustration!

Skellytorx3172d ago

I actually threw a controller at my brother once for constantly button bashing and not giving me a chance to fight back during a Tekken match. God I was such a bad loser.

MrsNesbitt3172d ago

Mario Kart is a big culprit. Never thrown anything in anger, but caused massive arguments between my best friend and I. I also hurt myself spinning around on a computer chair in victory and falling backwards.

Natalya in Goldeneye I never wanted to hurt someone so much.

And for pure, unbridled fury... CALL OF DUTY being verbally abused by 11 year olds is not my idea of gaming bliss.

Double_O_Revan3172d ago

Can't remember how many times I did things like set up remote mines, used rocket launcher, grenade launcher, etc in elaborate ways to kill Natalya. Oh the frustration of that woman!! Lol

Pozzle3171d ago

Protecting Natalya in the control room is one of my first memories of gamer rage. I don't know how many times I attempted that level before I finally beat it >_>

I threw my N64 controller and almost broke the analogue stick. It never quite worked the same since! lol

MrsNesbitt3171d ago

Simply the worst AI ever!

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H92d ago

Yeah Nintendo won't miss a Mario Party game in the first year of Nintendo Switch 2

XiNatsuDragnel2d ago

Mario party switch 2 edition