The Stomping Lands Developer Returns - Still Refuses To Provide Reasoning For 4 Month Absence

Following a period of silence stretching almost 4 months, developers of the thought-to-be debunked multiplayer survival game, The Stomping Land, have made a return - offering absolutely zero explanation for their long period of absence

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CaptainCamper1487d ago

Does anyone else find it suspect that the developers go AWOL for 4 months and then return with a patch just a week after Valve remove the game from Steam?

Not only that but the contents of the patch are questionable also. The dinosaur they added has been on private servers for months as the model and animation were already in place. As was a command to initiate a stampede but it was rarely used because of the bugs and poor AI - the same bugs and poor AI that are present in the new patch.

Crazy what these developers get away with after their fans help fund their efforts directly.

aliengmr1487d ago

I'm a huge fan of Early Access and though there some initial rough spots, I've noticed a significant increase in communication. Early Access has improved quite a lot.

This situation is entirely unacceptable. We may not be entitled to know the the details of traditionally developed/published games but Early Access requires detailed communication, especially when it comes to a 4 month hiatus.

Einhert1487d ago

early access is to easily abused and in some cases is a down right scam.

Steam has no quality control what so ever when it comes to these games and the store is just littered with terrible unplayable games.

aliengmr1487d ago

Space Engineers
Kinetic Void
From The Depths
Planet Explorers
Assetto Corsa
Starpoint Gemini 2
Prison Architect
and many more...

Disagree. Just because you tend to focus on the few bad apples does not mean Early Access is a scam. There are plenty of very playable games that use it.