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Roger from Codec Moments writes: Hype is a strange word. When a long awaited or much anticipated game is finally released, the one question always asked is “will it live up the hype?”. While the question is not easily answered and will vary from person to person, I will do my best to answer it with my honest opinion. Hype in all reality is generated when a company has done really well with their advertising campaign. In the case of Destiny, Bungie and its publisher Activision have been very successful in letting players know that this is the next best thing since Titan Fall. Do you know anyone who is still playing Titan Fall? Will Destiny’s fate be the same and will it quickly fall to the sidelines? The short answer is no, no it won’t.

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stanr1580d ago

A very accurate review

Dontworrybhappy1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I love this game it's beautiful. My best friend bought an Xbox 1 and Destiny a few hours ago. I'm at the bar watching the Oregon game getting hyped to go to his place and have a Lan party of sorts. Gonna get high and geek oot!

toddybad1580d ago

Destiny sounds intensely boring.