Does the iPhone 6 actually have console-quality graphics?

Over the last few years, there has been a steadily growing refrain from device makers and game developers that mobile devices — smartphones, tablets, portables – have processing power and graphics capabilities that are approaching that of game consoles.

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Beetey1491d ago

Depends on the console I suppose...

Magicite1490d ago

If you are talking about Wii.

ABizzel11490d ago

The iPhone 6 is above the 3DS, PS2, GC, XBox, Wii, Ouya, and Vita.

The iPhone 6 is not more powerful than the PS360 or more powerful consoles.

ABizzel11490d ago

Would the 3 disagrees like to show me how the iPhone 6 isn't more powerful than the 3DS, PS2, GC, Xbox, Wii, Ouya, and Vita? Or why they think the iPhone 6 is more power than the PS360?

Ballsack1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Lol brainwashed media

The iphone 6 uses 2 year old parts its been compared to a nexus which came out in 2012 and still loses

Iphone 6 has 1g ram 720p screen 8megapixel camera..cant believe apple get away with this, the 6plus has the same specs but a 1080p screen but hold on android users are now using QHD screens

Apple are so late to the party there last few ios updates are all features stolen from android and they now bring big screen phones to the market nearly 4years after Samsung..

Iphone fans are blinded

breakpad1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Now we can see the real reason behind Apples huge iphone sales ....nobody buys that crap machine because its a smartphone ..but because they want to play crap little games with the excuse of a mobile phone (is blasphemy to compare Iphone with Vita or 3DS ..the late are clear gaming machines with specific specs for gaming not just powerful processor)..Anyone i know who has iphone use it extensively only for gaming (as phone we all know that has nothing that exceeds the others) ... Also no game on iphone(or any other mobile) is enjoyable no mtter how powerfull it is

sparced1490d ago


Quoting how much ram an Android device over an iPhone shows you nothing about Apple optimises the iPhone. They are able to get more out the performance having a limited number of models and it's always been that way. It's the same for OS X and Windows.

ProjectVulcan1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I would say once the 20nm node is mature then mobile devices will have graphics performance as good as the previous generation consoles.

But that's probably a year away despite the iphone 6 using a 20nm process.

You have to take into account the fact most games of that console generation were 720p or less, but mobile games on high end smartphones at their native screen res will be considerably higher.

Current cores like the 28nm Adreno 330 in the SGS5 are probably about half as fast as the GPUs in Xbox 360 and PS3.

So a matured 20nm design could and should get close to doubling that in a similar thermal envelope but it'll take time.

It is still impressive that you can go from a state of the art full size chip to something inside a small mobile device and have similar performance in about 10 years.

fr0sty1489d ago

The 6's GPU didn't even bench better than the phone in my pocket, and my phone can't even do console quality graphics... so no, this overpriced piece of tech from 2012 can't do it either.

donthate1489d ago

Frankly, the graphics now a days on mobiles are getting close despite a huge computational power gap between smart phones and consoles. Why?

Because we are hitting sort of a ceiling in terms of graphical fidelity increase versus computational power increase. A large power increase results in a tiny fidelity increase.

UltimateMaster1489d ago

@Abizzel1 & Ballsack
It really depends if you're talking about the iPhone 6 or 6+
The 6+ is 1080p and much more powerful.

Also, the encoding of Apple is far different than those used by Microsoft's Windows and Google's Android. Apple iOS is much lighter and demand less power to run, making it faster and more efficient when compared to the other's OS on the same Hardware.

UltimateMaster1489d ago

Power aside (CPU/GPU). I would like to refresh the memories of what memory those iPhones have.
16GB SSD. VS Console 500GB HDD.

What I mean is that even if it "had" the power, the game would just end up being extremely short because there's too much elements in graphics that takes a lot of memory.

Killzone Shadowfall had to be compressed from 290GB to 45Gb. So, short answer, No.

ABizzel11489d ago


It doesn't matter which version of the iPhone 6 it is, my statement still stands. The Vita is more powerful than all those platforms, and the iPhone use the same graphics. However, the iPhone 6 "at worse" uses a 2-generation new model 4-core GPU than the Vita, and at best uses the most powerful 6-core GPU as does the iPhone 6+.

The iPhone is more powerful than the handhelds, and the 6th-gen performance consoles (Wii & Ouya included).

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3-4-51490d ago

Console Quality Graphics with Atari 2600 controls.

Bringing gaming controller back to the 70's....Iphone.

zero_gamer1490d ago

Not quite, most games are easier with a 2600 paddle than with a touchscreen.

HammadTheBeast1490d ago

In the article, they compare Infinity Blade 3 to Destiny.

One is a single-player, linear, corridor(?) type game, where the other is a significantly more open multiplayer game with a lot of enemies on screen.

badz1491490d ago

Seriously, why iPhone 6? It's the weakest premium phone available out there, FACT!

plus, smartphones can have 4k, 8k for all I care, they will still unable to replicate gaming experience on dedicated gaming platforms! And no publisher are taking smarphone market too seriously aside from making quick bucks. Proof is, even the Vita still provide better games than all smartphones COMBINED!

It's not all doom and gloom for the smartphone to me though. I still can't wait to get my hands on the Xperia Z3. You can guess why, right? PS4 remote play! Woohoo

ramiuk11490d ago

i want it to come to Z2,because thats what i bought and i assumed thereflagship would of lastest a year at least but they released z3 after 6 months.

i dont get why sony phones dont sell better because there awesome and well priced imo compared to iphone tat

clouds51490d ago

Yes. Definitely going for Sony phone this time. There are a lot of BT controllers out there and the hardware is good but smartphone gamer doesn't want an epic game. He wants candy crush.

BallsEye1489d ago

Not quite sure what's the fuss about. My lumia 1520 can pull off same graphics without a problem and it even looks higher res (most games run 1080p). Also why to compare it to destiny? Destiny looks last-gen.

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MaximusPrime_1491d ago

Same thing said when iphone 5 was released.

Short answer no

GreenRanger1491d ago

Enjoy your 7 minute battery life, iPhone 6 users.

Ashunderfire861490d ago

14 hours battery life. Ha the jokes on you.

Skate-AK1490d ago

He clearly means while playing a console qulatily game.

deafdani1490d ago

...on sleep mode, of course.

badz1491490d ago


Fully charge it and then trn the phone off. I bet it will still run when you turn it back on a week later! 7 days battery life, right there! /s

CernaML1490d ago

Oh yeah?! Well well.. at least iOS8 has Microwave charging!

Oh wait...

dillhole1490d ago

Have you ever tried playing anything but a casual game with touchscreen controls? Absolutely awful. Especially stuff like FPS games.

PhucSeeker1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Hey , Dead Space is quite awesome . But the rest are garbage indeed .

Dirtnapstor1489d ago

Oh yes, but you've got to add Modern Combat 3,4, & 5, and the Infinity Blade series!

Malphite1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )


Also the screen is still a little too small for me too enjoy highly detailed graphics anyway. Not to mention that smartphones will always be behind consoles anyway. It's really common sense. Powerful hardware produces more heat and takes more space than a smartphone can offer. More space = stronger hardware at any given time. Sure the hardware keeps shrinking but by the time smartphone devices might catch up there will be a new console generation out already.

user3672721490d ago


Typing this from my LG G3.

Gravity_DoGG1490d ago

Please x2

From my Galaxy S5 ^^

Gamerbeyond1490d ago

plz X3

from my sony xperia.

Redrum0591490d ago

Original HTC One here :)

Ppl see my phone and think that I have the iPhone 6
In which I respond with "please :/"

badz1491490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )


You should just tell them "I don't have a joke like you do"

They might ask, "what joke?"

"The iPhone 6 is a joke!"

P/S: Z Ultra here! Next, Z3 Tab Compact!

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Clunkyd1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

I believe the only phone that is running current gen graphics is the Sony Xperia Z3 for the fact the ps4 games can be STREAMED on the phone.

Remy_Chaos1490d ago

I really want that phone but I don't wanna be with T-Mobile.

ramiuk11490d ago

Z2 is same spec though which is annoying it doenst have remote play too.
but i expect it by xmas .
z3 has come out too quick imo.

i read the other day though that remoteplay will b xperia exclusive and NEVER come to any other platform :)

fingers crossed it gives SONY a boost.
but imo it could kill the vita off if they enable something like playtv on it.

Kingdomcome2471490d ago

My HTC One M8. :) I lose. *hangs head and shuffles away*

bandit9051490d ago

im a little late but i say b.s lol

Galaxy Mega 6.3

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