Platforming Needs More Wario

Hardcore Gamer: As Mario villains go, Wario has been one of the most fascinating characters to ever square off against Nintendo’s portly plumber. With his trademark grin, Wario is an anti-hero through and through, but despite his unique character and microgame empire, he’s been under-represented in the platforming market. That needs to change. It’s time to get Wario back on stage.

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ValKilmer1986d ago

Everything needs more Wario.

randomass1711986d ago

Even if you have to pile drive your enemy to do so!

YoungKingDoran1986d ago

Super Mario Land 3 is one of the best platformers ever in my opinion. I think I was 5 when I got it by accident for Christmas. I wanted a Mario game, not Wario, and I was being a little turd so my mum was going to exchange it but I was desperate for a new game and gave it a shot and loved it. Then I also got SML2 too so it was win win

WeAreLegion1986d ago

So does Wario Ware. I need a good Wario Ware on the Wii U, Nintendo!

Exodecai1986d ago

*Still waiting for that Wario & Waluigi game*

BullyMangler1986d ago

Im playing WARIOLAND II rite now, on the GAME BOY ADVANCE SP. So far so good.

Wario games were the first destructable environment games i ever played. And if you dont watch out, In WARIOLAND II, you can get turned into:

Zombie Wario

Flame Wario

and hammered into jumpy spring Wario, and many more!

and you get to fly an oWl!

And theres bosses!

even smart minigames.

Then theres the secret passages.

Thre are 4 levels that have secret doors.. Each door unlocks a brand new chapter with even more levels.

The music in WARIOLAND II is catchy, very well made compositions, some of my all time favorite tmelodies.

havnt beat the game yet, but so far i give WarioLand II for the Originanl Gameboy, AN 8.9 OUT OF 10.

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