USA Hardware and Software weekly ending September 13th

PS4 tops the hardware and destiny PS4 tops software followed by xone.

PS4 162,354
XOne 105,437
3DS 21,686
X360 17,821
WiiU 14,897
PS3 12,502
Wii 2,294
PSV 2,011

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FlameHawk1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Holy crap, 472k PS4s sold worldwide. That is a huge win for Sony.

xHeavYx1489d ago

Those Xbox One numbers seem too inflated in my opinion

DanielGearSolid1489d ago

No that looks right,

Remember they had that buy one game get another free promotion

WalterWJR1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Behold the mighty PS4!, watch as she stalks her prey before going A wall and destroying everything in her path.

mikeslemonade1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

We can safely say the PS4 has hit 11 mil install.

PS3 59k crushing WiiU's 39k. Europeans are spending more than us Americans.

NewMonday1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

it's something when a multi-platform game sells more PS4s than the exclusive Titanfall managed with X1.

and this is the time period when MS had "buy any full game for free" promotion, didn't work out.

xer01489d ago

Yeah.., wasn't Microsoft giving away a FULL game with every Xbone, during that week.

PS4 is just destroying the competition!

UltraNova1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )


I see what you did there ;-) Ouch!

EA>> *Facepalms

fr0sty1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Ps4 outsold every other device, handhelds included, combined... by 40k units.

dcbronco1489d ago

PS4 great enough to bring credibility to VGChartz?

Maddens Raiders1489d ago

Just imagine what happens when GT7 and Uncharted 4 drop?
Sony is beast this gen. Damn.

bouzebbal1489d ago

at this pace we cannot even talk about competition

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longcat1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

That's Christmas in September

Ps4 scraping 11 million now. 15 million by year's end?

FlameHawk1489d ago

Seriously, it is. Imagine if Sony came out with a GTA V PS4 bundle. Right before Black Friday, would sell so much.

GribbleGrunger1489d ago

VGC has the PS4 250k undertracked so it's OVER 11 million. Evidently ioi didn't believe Sony when they announced 'over ten million sold'.

HanzoHattori1489d ago

More like 17 to 20 million if Sony releases another crowd pleaser during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

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gootimes1489d ago

Seriously, the Playstation brand is big time now, Amazon US top sellers is dominant with Sony brand.

Once Sony organizes their smartphone business and connects all their devices via PS now and cable-less TV they will be in the money again.

Their worldwide numbers are just insane for this time of year, it's like holiday numbers.

ramiuk11489d ago

they need to make all there main phonesl ink up to ps4 and there tvs etc.

mirror function to ps4 should be possible imo.
i wantto get my z2 linked to my projector without mhl crap.
i want wifi screen mirror.

ALSO stream ps4 games to Z2 should be possible because no difference between that and z3 imo

Xballicon1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I think you mean "if" they can re-organize the smartphone and tablet business, plus initiate a turn-around in other consumer electronics categories, like TV and Audio.

The smartphone business is very, very bad for Sony as they have little to no carrier support globally. This puts them under extreme pressure as to how and where to sell devices, thus the heavy expense of development and marketing fails to generate enough revenue, resulting in losses in excess of $2 billion this year. And that is on the top of the $1 billion they lost last year.

The bigger concern for gamers is that when a company loses $3 billion they have to make cuts and reductions across the board and that will inevitably have an impact on the Playstation brand.

Hopefully Sony can turn things around quickly, because in spite of the success of the PS4, continued weakness in other categories could result in more drastic measures that affect gamers.

AndrewLB1489d ago

Sony's smartphone business completely tanked their stock this week when they announced this fiscal years losses got revised from around $400 million to an astonishing $2.1 BILLION. OUCH!

They even canceled their dividend, something they haven't done in the companies 50 year history.

They're also looking at another credit downgrade.

kenshiro1001489d ago

I like how you bring financials in YET another console sales article Andrew.

Keep it up.

gootimes1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )


No kidding they are losing money, it's a surprise to no one. It's called an electronics arm that was horribly run in the past. Plus a lot of places don't even see Sony as a premium brand anymore, something Sony noted themselves. A complete restructure of how and where they sell their phones is needed, also noted by them. Even with losing money though, the CEO notes Sony is on track to turning profit in the next fiscal year.

One thing is for sure, PlayStation is the product to have, and with Sony implementing PlayStation Now through their consumer electronics, they could be even more popular than their conservative estimates.


I don't mean if, they are already implementing measures to turn profit and are on track to for the next fiscal year. How consumers identify their brand is a big problem, Sony has been obsessed with being the expensive premium brand, which many places don't recognize them as anymore, that is part of what is being restructured, along with carrier support like you mentioned for smart phones in markets that they need their phones in. PlayStation Now is a huge incentive for consumers, along with remote play and cable-free television on consumer electronics.

choujij1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )


Doesn't really change the fact the PlayStation brand is a money maker and will continue to dominate. But as a company, Sony obviously needs to do away with products that just aren't profitable for them (something that Microsoft should do too :P).

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Magicite1489d ago

Probably even more (its vgchartz after all).

ABizzel11489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Am I missing something, because I only see 162k for the PS4 and US numbers only. I don't doubt the 472k worldwide, but I would like to see the source and numbers for all platforms.

Nevermind I see it on the home page of VGchartz. WOW. So much for the XBO having a chance of winning September. The good news is that their numbers are staying consistent in Japan at 3000k units (shockingly), and their EU numbers are still pretty high 3x what they were selling (12k) although last week they were 4x their original numbers.

PS4 has won this generation.
XBO is doing better, but now I can say there's a good chance that $329 - $349 XBO price drop is happening soon like this holiday soon, and no later than April 2015.

Nintendo's about to be booted to 3rd if they don't do something and soon. They need to drop down to $250 this holiday before the XBO has it's price cut, or they just gave the XBO 2nd place.

FlameHawk1489d ago
Scroll down and look for weekly hardware chart.

ABizzel11489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )


Thanks, but I already saw it. MS better hope China does big things for them, because a distant 2nd place is the best either them or Nintendo can hope for (Most likely MS).

They better be aiming for China, $329 - $349 price, and subsidizing this console through cable providers ASAP.

TongkatAli1489d ago

The Wii last gen gave everybody a bad taste in their mouths, they're destined 3rd place no matter what.

G20WLY1489d ago

^I'm pretty sure I read a few days ago that the Xbox would be equivalent to $600 in China.

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TheFallenAngel1489d ago

Wait for the tier 2 countries

wodan1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

wait until XBONE release in the moon/S

OT:great news for SONY the deal with Bungie is a SUCCESS, these numbers (while they are from VGchartz....)
kinda shows why the media wanted the game to fail.

KingofGambling1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

All this waiting is just a cry for help. What they should wait is for Microsoft to release a new console because this gen they loss.

ThanatosDMC1489d ago

DX12 will sell xb1s likr hotcakes!

AndrewLB1489d ago

wodan- The media wanted it to fail? Care to explain?

To counter your claim, why on earth did all the gaming review sites postpone the release of their Destiny reviews until a few days after launch? Can you think of a single game that has had that kind of "special" treatment from video game journalists? Had those reviews been released on day 1 like they do for every other game, the low scores would have clearly harmed sales numbers.

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Muzikguy1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Didn't they show a much closer gap between the Bone and 4 last week? I doubted the validity of that

jjonez181489d ago

Yeah XB1 launched in some new territories and there was no software to move either. It was a weak week overall.

jjonez181489d ago

In a single week. 1m+ WW in September is a given, then I guess. Called it

HappyWithOneBubble1489d ago

Great for Sony. I predicted 300k boost for Destiny. PS4 not slowing down.

DC7771489d ago

Still seems way lower than the U.S. sales I was expecting for the PS4 bundle. I guess due to the shockingly low Destiny numbers. Some sites had it pegged to beat GTA V but it's sales are far below expectation.

Ashraf891489d ago

Maybe because of Destiny perfume? =)

Petro1489d ago

Shockingly low Destiny number? Yeah right, yet still Destiny is the best selling new franchise ever, I don't think anyone knew it was going to sell so well.

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aceitman1489d ago

that ps4 is on fire, it hit 472,000 to ms 171,000 the week of the 13th. and that's with all territory's out ,or just 3 more left.

ABizzel11489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Where are these numbers coming from, I want to see them too :(

Don't be stingy.

Nevermind I seen it on VGchartz front page

ipach1489d ago

crazy, they're selling more ps4's in europe than in north america. that market share in europe for sony is absurd. you'd think an american company would have an easier time in europe than a japanese one... go figure.

ABizzel11489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

The PS brand has always been super strong in EU. The original PS won EU, the PS2 won EU, and the PS3 is on it's way to winning EU as we speak as it's just 700k behind the Wii on an average the PS3 is outselling the Wii by 14k - 15k each week in EU. This time next year the PS3 will have won EU making it 3 generations in a row, going on 4.

I'm in the US, but I wouldn't be mad if Sony started supporting EU more, and if E3 vs. Gamescom is anything to go by it might start happening. EU is loyal, US not so much the majority over here goes with the Pop Culture hit, or the cheapest with just as good quality if there isn't a clear winner.

MRMagoo1231489d ago

Sony has always been the more popular console in Europe, its nothing to do with what country they are designed in because they all get made in china anyway. Europe also has a thing for quality, especially Germans.

user74029311489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

the ps4 is humiliating the xbox one, putting it to shame disgracing it. and i absolutely love every second of it.

spacedelete1489d ago

PS4 is pimp slapping the Xbox One haha.

Benjammin251489d ago

Hopefully this makes MS start upping their game because right now, I have no reason to buy the Xbox One.

Gunstar751489d ago

How about games?

Love seeing you guys ejaculating over each other because of sales figures, whilst XB1 owners are too busy playing games and figuring out how in the hell they will afford all the great games coming this year.

Enjoy LBP hahaha

Greatness awaits, and waits, and waits, and waits, and waits......

MRMagoo1231489d ago


You are aware that ps4 has more games currently available and higher rated as well, maybe do some research before spurting out bs so you don't look so stupid.

TruthInsider 1489d ago

Lol @Gunstar75

Even Tim Dog plays PS4 more than Xbone, what does that tell you?

All Xboners do is talk about PS4 on YouTube and Twitter.
Xbone has less games and lower rated games.

Titanfall the huge "MEGATON" is basically dead.
What else is there apart from downgrade microtransactions 5 and 720p/900p 20fps Dead Framerate 3 and Ryse (and fall).
Looks like inferior versions of multiplats if you can stand the grinding noise coming from the cheap harddrive to match the cheap GPU & memory.

You can use your powerbrick as a hot water bottle to comfort you whilst you cry salty tears and make some more lies up about Sony on YouTube and Twitter.

PCBOX1489d ago

I am going to enjoy every moment from the beginning of October.FH2,SSO and boom MCC,D4 already getting very good scores.

Infiltrator+UE4 Tech Demo was already running with dx12.You MS you are sneaky.You want to kill your enemy slowly.When dx12 arrives,the game is over for Sony.I am going to celebrate every moment when you cry.

I remeber Albert Panello's words "This is not a sprint,this is a marathon.At the end see togehter who the winner is"

Damm MS you are realy sneaky.

WeAreLegion1489d ago

When none of that happens, will you record yourself crying, so we can all watch it?

gootimes1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Those games are getting scores?

So, if the Xbox ever has exact parity in power because of software and has a month or two of more sales in the US you are going to celebrate?

I wish I was so easily satisfied.

This comment kind of reminds me of that guy on kung pow enter the fist, when he loses fights but claims that it is how he wins.

SniperControl1489d ago

Everybody needs to tag this page and come back on January 1st, there are gonna be alot of people laughing at you.

ipach1489d ago

MCC will ride the wave of nostalgia to a pot of gold for sure. live online multiplayer on classic maps is HUGE money. even without updated graphics. but I am a bit worried based on some recent previews done in terms of the updated graphics. but yeah, the old stuff even as is will sell systems.

but will it be a 'boom' enough to stop this ps4 train? highly highly doubt it... and D4 is dead on arrival given its roots in kinect. and forza horizon is probably on even footing with driveclub at this point. sunset overdrive looks bonkers but I don't know if it's going to do any better for xbox than resistance did for the ps3... a nice game that fans enjoy but the masses won't understand or bother to check out.

and wait, was there anything else? scaleform? scaleborne? bloodborne?

Qrphe1489d ago


Bubbled up for funny

WeAreLegion1489d ago

@gootimes - Wimp Lo. He thinks losing is winning. Brilliant movie.

KingofGambling1489d ago

Funny, because that quote "not a sprint, but a marathon" was from Jack Tretton during the PS3, 360 and Wii era. And in the end PS3 beats 360. How confidence are you that the One is going to beat the PS4?

TheWatercooler1489d ago


He is extremely confident. He is also extremely delusional.

reaperofsouls1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

@ PCBOX i'm + bubble you so you can embarrass yourself even more with your rage typing rants. Go for it!!! lol

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ape0071489d ago

I really don't understand why, Xbox one is the only system that has destiny، watch dogs and titanfall on one system

nosferatuzodd1489d ago

Lol well said brother I love to see the torment on those snobs faces I remember last gen when I was fighting xbox fanboys 2flameing swords in my hand zodd style karma is a bitch

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jnemesh1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

nevermind...just realize they are only talking about US sales in this thread. Still, giant stomping from Sony with Destiny!