USA Hardware and Software weekly ending September 13th

PS4 tops the hardware and destiny PS4 tops software followed by xone.

PS4 162,354
XOne 105,437
3DS 21,686
X360 17,821
WiiU 14,897
PS3 12,502
Wii 2,294
PSV 2,011

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FlameHawk3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Holy crap, 472k PS4s sold worldwide. That is a huge win for Sony.

xHeavYx3585d ago

Those Xbox One numbers seem too inflated in my opinion

DanielGearSolid3585d ago

No that looks right,

Remember they had that buy one game get another free promotion

WalterWJR3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Behold the mighty PS4!, watch as she stalks her prey before going A wall and destroying everything in her path.

mikeslemonade3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

We can safely say the PS4 has hit 11 mil install.

PS3 59k crushing WiiU's 39k. Europeans are spending more than us Americans.

NewMonday3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

it's something when a multi-platform game sells more PS4s than the exclusive Titanfall managed with X1.

and this is the time period when MS had "buy any full game for free" promotion, didn't work out.

xer03585d ago

Yeah.., wasn't Microsoft giving away a FULL game with every Xbone, during that week.

PS4 is just destroying the competition!

UltraNova3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )


I see what you did there ;-) Ouch!

EA>> *Facepalms

fr0sty3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Ps4 outsold every other device, handhelds included, combined... by 40k units.

dcbronco3584d ago

PS4 great enough to bring credibility to VGChartz?

Maddens Raiders3584d ago

Just imagine what happens when GT7 and Uncharted 4 drop?
Sony is beast this gen. Damn.

bouzebbal3584d ago

at this pace we cannot even talk about competition

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longcat3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

That's Christmas in September

Ps4 scraping 11 million now. 15 million by year's end?

FlameHawk3585d ago

Seriously, it is. Imagine if Sony came out with a GTA V PS4 bundle. Right before Black Friday, would sell so much.

GribbleGrunger3585d ago

VGC has the PS4 250k undertracked so it's OVER 11 million. Evidently ioi didn't believe Sony when they announced 'over ten million sold'.

HanzoHattori3584d ago

More like 17 to 20 million if Sony releases another crowd pleaser during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

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gootimes3585d ago

Seriously, the Playstation brand is big time now, Amazon US top sellers is dominant with Sony brand. http://www.amazon.com/best-...

Once Sony organizes their smartphone business and connects all their devices via PS now and cable-less TV they will be in the money again.

Their worldwide numbers are just insane for this time of year, it's like holiday numbers.

ramiuk13584d ago

they need to make all there main phonesl ink up to ps4 and there tvs etc.

mirror function to ps4 should be possible imo.
i wantto get my z2 linked to my projector without mhl crap.
i want wifi screen mirror.

ALSO stream ps4 games to Z2 should be possible because no difference between that and z3 imo

Xballicon3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I think you mean "if" they can re-organize the smartphone and tablet business, plus initiate a turn-around in other consumer electronics categories, like TV and Audio.

The smartphone business is very, very bad for Sony as they have little to no carrier support globally. This puts them under extreme pressure as to how and where to sell devices, thus the heavy expense of development and marketing fails to generate enough revenue, resulting in losses in excess of $2 billion this year. And that is on the top of the $1 billion they lost last year.

The bigger concern for gamers is that when a company loses $3 billion they have to make cuts and reductions across the board and that will inevitably have an impact on the Playstation brand.

Hopefully Sony can turn things around quickly, because in spite of the success of the PS4, continued weakness in other categories could result in more drastic measures that affect gamers.

AndrewLB3584d ago

Sony's smartphone business completely tanked their stock this week when they announced this fiscal years losses got revised from around $400 million to an astonishing $2.1 BILLION. OUCH!

They even canceled their dividend, something they haven't done in the companies 50 year history.


They're also looking at another credit downgrade.

kenshiro1003584d ago

I like how you bring financials in YET another console sales article Andrew.

Keep it up.

gootimes3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )


No kidding they are losing money, it's a surprise to no one. It's called an electronics arm that was horribly run in the past. Plus a lot of places don't even see Sony as a premium brand anymore, something Sony noted themselves. A complete restructure of how and where they sell their phones is needed, also noted by them. Even with losing money though, the CEO notes Sony is on track to turning profit in the next fiscal year.

One thing is for sure, PlayStation is the product to have, and with Sony implementing PlayStation Now through their consumer electronics, they could be even more popular than their conservative estimates.


I don't mean if, they are already implementing measures to turn profit and are on track to for the next fiscal year. How consumers identify their brand is a big problem, Sony has been obsessed with being the expensive premium brand, which many places don't recognize them as anymore, that is part of what is being restructured, along with carrier support like you mentioned for smart phones in markets that they need their phones in. PlayStation Now is a huge incentive for consumers, along with remote play and cable-free television on consumer electronics.

choujij3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )


Doesn't really change the fact the PlayStation brand is a money maker and will continue to dominate. But as a company, Sony obviously needs to do away with products that just aren't profitable for them (something that Microsoft should do too :P).

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Magicite3585d ago

Probably even more (its vgchartz after all).

ABizzel13585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Am I missing something, because I only see 162k for the PS4 and US numbers only. I don't doubt the 472k worldwide, but I would like to see the source and numbers for all platforms.

Nevermind I see it on the home page of VGchartz. WOW. So much for the XBO having a chance of winning September. The good news is that their numbers are staying consistent in Japan at 3000k units (shockingly), and their EU numbers are still pretty high 3x what they were selling (12k) although last week they were 4x their original numbers.

PS4 has won this generation.
XBO is doing better, but now I can say there's a good chance that $329 - $349 XBO price drop is happening soon like this holiday soon, and no later than April 2015.

Nintendo's about to be booted to 3rd if they don't do something and soon. They need to drop down to $250 this holiday before the XBO has it's price cut, or they just gave the XBO 2nd place.